Saturday, September 26, 2009


I just finished the witch hat so I added it now.
I just want to bring you up to date on the final items I am doing for the craft show. It is October 10th. I just made these four bears, and I am now working on a little bear with a witch hat. I haven't made the hat yet, so I am not sure it is going to work. I have I think five more bears to knit for after the witch.
This is the latest adult poncho I made. I have sold 5 adult ponchos, 4 kids ponchos, 8 bears and four hats so far. This is the list I have for the craft show.
10 Hats
14 Ponchos
1 sweater
8 Barbie
Doll ponchos
30 or more Bears
1 Afghan
2 Hat and Scarf sets
I think that is my list u
p to date for now.
I don't plan much more, but with two more weeks, you never know.


onlymehere said...

That's great that you've already sold some! They are cute little bears in those ponchos. Good luck with the craft show!

Judy said...

I hope you sell everything!! I love your bears, they are so adorable. Heidi mentioned stampot in a comment on my blog and told me how to make it. I am going to try it. It sounds delish!

Heidi said...

Hey! You made the witch bear! Yeah and it is the cutest one. See I knew you could make a cute felt hat for it. She will be the first one to sell. :-)

Love and hugs ~

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
You have been one busy lady! I hope they sell well.
Hugs, Rhondi

Mary said...

Wow! Nancy, amazing that you've created so many adorable bears and outfits - you are a 'build a bear' business of your own!!!

Good luck at the craft show dear - should be fun.