Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today is my Granddaughter Kristy's birthday. She never eats ice cream, and when Mitch was in Iraq and she was here, she decided she would. Mitch enjoyed the picture when she sent it to him. I hope your birthday is wonderful, cause you are.
Monday night, I couldn't sleep. I got up about 1am and went upstairs to my sewing room. I had, some time ago, put my Acer laptop up there since it just would not work. I bought a new battery and tried that, I had my cord repaired, and nothing was working. Well, I had the old battery in and decided to plug it in and try again. It came on, but only for a minute. I removed the battery, put the new one in, left it plugged in and went to bed. The next morning, YEAH, it is working. My son, Bill, came over yesterday and did all the updates and yes, so far so good. I am using it now.
You can see how much smaller my little mini is. When I talk to Heidi, it raps. She says I can record as a rapper. I could not multi task with it. I bought it for travel, so maybe now it can go back to being a traveler. I hope I didn't speak too soon, I walked away for a few minutes and it shut down. I am back on my mini again but will try later.


Heidi said...

Silly laptop. Write to Acer and complain. :-)

Now as for little Ditty...
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Dittyyyyyyyyy,
Happy birthday to you.

Love and hugs ~
(Aunt) Heidi

onlymehere said...

It would certainly be nice if electronics would cooperate! My home computer is giving me fits too. It loads sooooooo slowly and the internet is so slow on it also. My work computer right beside it is fast as can be. I can't use the work computer for blogging or anything but work so I just suffer through. Send Kristy a Happy Birthday from me too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks Gramma! :) And thank you Aunt Heidi! :) Everyone has been so sweet with all the birthday wishes! I have felt so loved today! :) All is going well with my photography business! Woo Hoo!!!! :)

angelasweby said...

I'm not surprised Kristy was tempted by that ice cream, it looks mouth watering :>)
Sending her lots of birthday wishes.
So glad your computer is finally up and running - there's definitely no solution to that mystery!!
Hugs Angela

Tam said...

The picture of your Grand-daughter is just too funny and cute!
Did you know a laptop makes a good Frisbee..just sayin' ;)

Linda said...

What a cute picture....hope
Kristy had a happy day.

Computer problems give me fits....every time I turn mine on I keep my fingers crossed it doesn't act far so good. I hope there are no more problems for you...hugs, Linda

Mary said...

Computers are like cars, are only good when running! Frustrations of the modern age, grrrrr!
On the other hand, without them we wouldn't have all that amazing medical equipment to keep us healthy would we dear? I hope so much your treatment is going well - hang in there, it will be worth it.

Hugs - Mary.