Sunday, September 7, 2008


This is the sign at the visitors center. It says where ships climb the mountain. They really do. They go through eight locks climbing up all the way.
This is one of many murals painted along the walking path. This one is on the corner where we stay. Next time I will try to take pictures of all of them.

Anyone looking for a new home?????/

Maybe you would like this one better. Can you only imagine being on one of these things? Hey Eric, you said you wanted a boat. Hummmmmmm.

This time we got to see our US Coast Guard.

Not to be outdone, here comes the Canadian Coast Guard. Hey, the yachts went the other way, in case you care. LOL

OH OH, now we have the Police boat. What is going on, we never see them.
We had a very nice weekend again. Patricia, the Inn owner had her friend there for the weekend and we got acquainted. She used to own a Cross Stitching Shop. She is going to read my blog, and maybe start one herself. Hope so. If she does, I will let you all know so you can visit her. She is looking for a pattern she lost. It is a Stoney Creek Christmas Scene from about 1989.
I told her when she has a picture, one of my stitching friends might be able to help her. Hope you start a blog very soon Vivien. If you need help, my daughter Heidi will be glad to help you.
It was great meeting you.
When Mandie told Zoe we couldn't come because of the hurricane, she cried. Mandie explained we would come at another weekend. Zoe said "oh, that girl hurricane."

Anyone remember that little saying in the title???? I am off now to catch up on blogs. I am happy to say, Kristen is back to blogging at Christian Crafter. Welcome back Kristy.


Sweetie said...

I'm so glad that you had such a great time and you made a wonderful new friend. I hope that your new friend, Patricia, does start a blog. Welcome back!!

Mandie said...

Welcome home Gramma! I'm glad you had a nice visit and made a new friend! We had no damage from Tropical Storm Hannah but LOTS of rain. It was fine though because both Zoe and I aren't feeling 100%. It gave us a weekend to just relax and do nothing. Love you!


Mary said...

Love those boats - can't say I'd want to live on one, but I'd sure love to spend a week to get the feeling of living large and in luxury on the water!!

Sorry Hanna kept you away but know you'll make it down this way another time - Zoe will be waiting. Hurricane season is rather scary - you need to come in Springtime when it's really lovely!

Have a super week Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
It was great seeing you and George this weekend. Vivien really enjoyed meeting you both. I think you have inspired her to get a project going. I can't wait till Ed is home so I can get my hands in the mud.

Kristen said...

Thanks gramma and it looks like you had a great time! Those pics are really nice too! Glad you are back safely!!!!

Heidi said...

Hi Mom! I can only comment on blogs with no popup windows. I have to limit time on blogs since they have so many photos too. I am glad you had such a good time. You normally do when you go there. I am taking so many photos and will have a hard time getting it all on my blog. :) Saw your cute sheepies today grazing on the heather.

Love and hugs ~

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

I prefer houses to boats, I'm afraid. I couldn't live on such a boat, despite the fact that my second name by birth is a kind of Dutch boat :)
I love the snowmen Heidi sent you!

Hugs, Carolien