Monday, September 15, 2008


My Grandson Mitch is celebrating a birthday on Tuesday. He is stationed in Iraq and very much missed here in the USA. Your family and, I know, also your friends are praying you stay safe and the time goes by fast so you can be home again soon.
You are very much loved and we wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Sweetie said...

Your grandson, Mitch, is a handsome, brave young man. I honor him for serving our country. You have every reason to be very proud of him. "Happy Birthday Mitch!" May God be with you.

Solstitches said...

Happy birthday to your grandson. You must be so very proud of him.

Terri said...

Wow! That grown up man is your GRANDSON?

Thank him for his service and wish him a happy birthday from us!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson, Mitch. He is a cutie pie. What a wonderful young man...thank you for serving our country and helping to bring peace...God bless.
Hugs, Linda

Heidi said...

Happy, happy birthday Mitch! Be safe and come home soon to your family.

Love and hugs ~
Aunt Heidi

Barbara said...

Nancy, please tell your grandson I send prayers for his safety and that I wish him a very Happy Birthday.

Mandie said...

I already posted on my blog and commented on Kristy's too :o) But I can say it again! happy Birfday Mitch! We love you!!!!

Gramma, can't wait to see you on the 10th of October!!!!!! :oD

Mitch said...

Hello everyone, thanks for all the warm wishes for my birthday. I was a little under the weather, I think I ate something that at one time resembled one of the rats here in Baghdad, just kidding. All joking aside, I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends. Thanks to all of you, some of whom I have never met for your support and prayers. And, grandma, thanks to you for putting that old picture up and not letting everyone see how much grey hair I have. Love you.

Kristen said...

You are all so sweet! And, as you can see, my husband is an absolute NUT!!! :) Definitely fits in!! :) He is very special and I know that we can't wait for him to come home!!!