Monday, September 1, 2008


Hope you are having a great holiday. I am hoping I will have a very quiet one. George and his brother went to an October Fest and invited me but I didn't want to go. I will be happy if I can quietly sit and knit.
Thursday we planned a trip to Myrtle Beach to meet with Mandie, Jason and Zoe. Well, it looks like those plans might have to change. A hurricane is on the way to that area. I am going to have to call tomorrow and see if we can postpone the plans. Miss Zoe will not be happy.


Heidi said...

Zoe Pickle is going to be a bear for her mother and Jason when she finds out. What a shame. And why are there all these hurricanes so early? Is George coming home for dinner or are you all alone?

Love and hugs ~

Lilysmom said...

O, I hope you get to visit with Mandie! That storm looks like it's going to hit though! Be careful. Enjoy your day alone!

Sweetie said...

I hope that the hurricane misses that area (and hope that it would have missed every area). An occasional quiet day is always nice. I hope that you have a Happy Labor Day! Our gang just left. We started early today as the two college students had to leave to get back to school.

Barbara said...

Nancy, I do hope your family will be okay. We haven't talked to our grandchildren in MS today, but did talk with them Saturday. We will call later this evening. Hope you enjoyed your day and got lots of knitting done.