Sunday, August 22, 2010


My Indian Squaw is coming along now. I am doing the border around her. If I spent more time stitching it would be finished.
This is one reason I am not stitching, I am addicted to reading. This is the latest book I bought, but I just finished two others and I am half way through one now.
I am also now back to sewing. I have this project to do, then I will be finished. This is a shirt forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............
Yep, Zoe. Her birthday was this month, and I sent a card telling her we would have an Ohio birthday party for her when we get there. Her Uncle Bill, Uncle Eric,
Aunt Becky and I will be flying to Arizona the beginning of September. She turned eight and I can't wait to hug her. I finished one skirt and a pair of capri pants.



Heidi said...

And did you put on the right music to sew by????? You can tell Zoe that I am still only If that is just a ring around your Indian then you are just about finished. I would be anxious to get that done then. I cannot stop stitching to get online since I am working on the last bits of my Peppermint Twist.

Another DM book explains why you cannot stop reading. I am reading a book that is a little disturbing but I want to know what happens so I keep reading. I was able to read a lot on the car ride up north this weekend but not as much coming home. Too tired. How many books have your read this year? It must be a long list!

Love and hugs ~

Sonja said...

When you finished the shirt for Zoe, don't forget to make a picture to show your blogging friends!
(and I know one more reason you have to little time for stitching: your farm!!)

Saskia said...

Zoe will be thrilled to get those present made by you! I really need to get a book and start reading. I have one book by my bedside, but after 10 words, I get sleepy...
The Indian is pretty, and almost finished!

Linda said...

Nancy, your Indian Squaw looks so pretty, love the colors. Almost finished...that's such a nice feeling.....between reading stitching and traveling there are just not enough hours in the day. Your trip to Kentucky sounds so nice...I'd love to visit th RC home she is still a favorite of mine. Oh, look at cute Zoe....she is growing up and how fun to be doing a birthday party when you visit....I hope we get to see what you are making for her....hugs, Linda

hazel said...

Such a lovely picture of Zoe and I am sure you will have lots of hugs when you see her soon. Your Indian is coming along nicely and will soon be finished. I like the fabrc for Zoe. I to am reading a lot at the moment I am enjoying Josephine Cox and just can not seem to get enough of her books. I am not like Saskia unfortunately I read until the early hours of the morning and then suffered next day for lack of sleep.

Look forward to seeing your finished projects.

Hugs and crosses,
Hazel (UK)