Sunday, October 17, 2010


Zoe just got to spend the week at her Aunt Kristy's house. The pumpkins behind her are the ones they bought for each of the kids to carve. It looked like they had fun.
Ohio is putting on her beautiful show of color right now. I didn't take this one though. I love looking at the trees right now.
The Amish work their farms with horses, not tractors. This is the way they put the corn in the fields as they harvest it.
They have all different types of wagons they use in the farm chores. Sometimes they have four to six horses on one wagon. They are great to see. I love their quiet way of life. They work very hard and earn much respect.


angelasweby said...

What beautiful photos. The Autumn colours are just spectacular.
Isn't it funny how pumpkins are just the perfect colour for Autumn and do I spy one of Heidi's felt pumpkins in the little table display :)
Angela xx

onlymehere said...

Ohio looks lovely in the fall! I love the colors of fall, the sound of crunching leaves under my feet or as they rustle across the road, and the little chill in the air! It goes way too fast for me so I try to enjoy every minute. We just went through the canyon on Friday and the leaves were stunning! I'd love to see Amish country and I'm so glad you share it with us. The older I get the more I cherish the "quiet life." :)

DonnaTN said...

Beautiful fall photos!

Heidi said...

There is no place like Ohio in the fall!!! I always miss the colors as it is never as nice here.

Zoe looks so adorable and happy to be with her Aunt Krispy. The pumpkins turned out cute and look great sitting on the ledge like that. I just thought that Ditty needs to send photos of her new house so I can see it. Right Ditty? :-)

Just posted an update on my blog...well Dagi

Love and hugs,

Linda said...

Autumn in Ohio looks like a most beautiful place...I love all the Fall colors and the trees are so pretty. I enjoyed seeing the Amish pictures too, especially the one showing how they do their corn. Oh, Zoe looks so cute and what neat pumpkins the kids carved... this is such a wonderful time of year. hugs, Linda

Sonja said...

That is 'beautifall'. !!