Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meyers Lake Park & COMET roller coaster ~ Canton, Ohio


Heidi said...

It is sad that it was taken down and even sadder that the area is built up with condos now.

Love and hugs,

Carolien said...

That certainly is a sad film about the park. The girls would have loved that park :)

We miss you too!!! As soon as we win the lottery we come over to Ohio. I really wish we could, the girls agree!

Big hugs for you and George,

Linda said...

What a lovely amusement park...I loved seeing all the rides, they reminded me of the board walk at Santa Cruz. So sad to see them come tumbling down.
Nancy, great news about your latest mamie...the T-shirt is the way, that is a cute, cute picture...hope you are having a great time in Florida...hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Aunt Nancy,
How many times did you ride that roller coaster when it first opened?