Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm so proud of Zoe, she made this crib quilt for her sister while here visiting me.  I had
to get instructions from her Aunt Heidi, I do not quilt.  She did a good job for her first
effort.  She leaves tomorrow.  I will sure miss her.

She could thread the machine and trouble shoot too.  The bobbin was a little problem and she learned how to fix it.  The whole thing came out twice.  She did great.


Anonymous said...

Is this her first quilt? It's amazing.

Saskia said...

And she has a great aunt, who is an expert on quilting!.. ;-)

Heidi's Garden said...

She did a good job and I am also proud of her. She looks so much like her mother in the third photo. You would swear you were seeing an old photo of Mandie.

Good job my sweet little Pickle!

Love and hugs,
(Aunt) Heidi

Sonja said...

It was so much fun talking to both of you. And so nice she managed to finish the quilt. (With some motivating words from you and her aunt Heidi )

onlymehere said...

She did a great job! More importantly she made some great memories with you during the process. I love to sew with the girls. Right now they cut up paper and ribbon and tape it to paper. I had let them use pins but my feet decided that this wasn't such a good idea after stepping on several pins! Hope summer is treating you well.