Wednesday, March 5, 2014


 Arrival in Phoenix,  this was my niece's first flight, she sat with her brother and I was behind them
The next picture is Brenda, Bonnie and Bruce with me at Sedona.  The one below that is taken at
Tombstone the day Kristy picked me up.  Eric and Laura also met us there.  I tried to also post a picture of all of us in Bisbee, but I cannot get it to download.  Mandie and her family are on that one.
It has been quite a while since I posted anything.  I have had a problem with my camera so
no pictures now.  I have made several things but didn't take any pictures.  I just got back from
a 21 day trip to Arizona.  I was able to spend time with Eric, Laura, Kristy and family and Mandie
and family.  I went with my Niece Brenda and Nephew Bruce to visit their sister there.  Bonnie and Dave rent a condo in Mesa each year and that is where Mandie lives.  I hope I cam post some of the pictures they took while we were there. 


Heidi's Garden said...

I will ask Jos for help when he is back to see if we can get that photo for you. In the need to go buy a new camera. They are not that expensive now. :)

It looks like you all had fun being together in Arizona. Now that Brenda has broken the ice...when is she coming to Holland?

Love and hugs,

Anna said...

wow you have not posted for a while!

Anonymous said...
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Jenn said...

Please post more , Nancy

Jenn said...

Happy Easter Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, you are missed