Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am a couple days early with these birthday wishes, but since Heidi and Jos go to the cottage on weekends, I wanted to wish him an early Happy Birthday. He never
wants his picture on the computer, and since he won't play (or let Heidi play) Farmville with us, he just has to show off the real cows he found.
Have a wonderful birthday on Saturday.
If you played Farmville, you could have several cow barns and store many cows. "Won't you be our neighbor"?


Heidi said...

I took that picture of him at an organic farm that was having a special open day. The cow (not the calf) is a special cow here in Holland originally from Friesland called 'roodbont' and are dieing out which is a shame. I love this picture! Close as I will come to marrying a

Happy birthday early Jos!

Love and hugs ~

Saskia said...

Pretty picture! Heidi and Jos are a good match.. Jos with the cows and Heidi on a tractor. That farmville in real life.

Linda said...

What a great picture! Wishing Jos a wonderful birthday on Saturday. hugs, Linda

Sweetie said...

Nancy - I loved playing catch-up with your blog. Happy Birthday to Jos. I hope that you have a wonderful trip.
Love, Sweetie

Beatrice said...

What a great photo..I hope he had a great birthday!!!

onlymehere said...

Nancy! Thanks so much for stopping by. I haven't been the best at checking blogs lately. It's about all my fingers can take since I cut my hand and got the stitches to get through my shift at work! I deleted that post but if you didn't see it I was doing dishes and cut my right hand on a glass and had to get 8 stitches. Oh well, life happens. I only have 11 more days until the stitches come out, yay!! I hope life is treating you well there. I don't do the farm game either so Jos isn't the only one, lol! Although, I grew up on a farm and the last thing I want is to ever be responsible for caring for a cow again, real or virtual, lol! Have a great evening my sweet friend.
P.S. How's the stitching going now that it's getting cooler?

onlymehere said...

I see Sweetie posted. Give her my best when you talk to her again. I hope life is treating her well now and I pray she's getting along fine. :)