Sunday, August 21, 2011


After thinking I had sprained my ankle, I had to keep it elevated and ice on it. So, I was reading books a mile a minute. George said, why don't you go to the library since shopping is too hard and you can save money. Well, now this is the fourth
trip to the library.
With a now broken ankle and in a cast, my movement is limited before I wear out. on the last trip, I asked for 14 books to be ordered for me. I got an email saying one came in. George took my return books in and was picking up the one book. Well, he came out with all of these books that had come in.
I normally take a tote in but sent him in just with the books. He came out with this nice tote. Thank you library, I really like the tote. I just finished the one book with the gnomes on the front, a suggestion from Heidi. First time for this author. It was very good. I am starting on the second book now, by Earlene Fowler.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is my Mom, she was a tiny little lady and believe me, everyone loved her very much. She has been gone for many years. Okay Heidi, here it is.
Since I broke my ankle in July, I had to have a cast and a walker. Well, the cast has to stay on for three more weeks. I told Heidi I was now using a cane. She knew I had Charlie, my Mom's cane. The name is still on it under the handle.
Bill went to my attic tonight and recovered it. He had to use steel wool to clean it up, but here it is, out of retirement. My Mom is smiling down on me now since I
have her Charlie back in use. It is even the right height since I have lost inches.
Thanks Mom, I will take good care of Charlie for you.

Both my Granddaughters called her Miff, they couldn't say Gramma Smith at first.
I added that after seeing that Mandie wrote Miff.

Monday, August 1, 2011


First, thanks Heidi for the border. You always manage to find what I want. I just got my letter saying I am two years cancer free. Hopefully soon, they will find a cure so no one else in my family has to have breast cancer, or any of my friends either.
Now, I fell on July 20th and thought I sprained my ankle, well, no, I broke my ankle. I walked around on it for 8 days then finally had it checked. I am now in a red and white cast and looked like a candy cane, until they added a blue shoe. Now I am the flag. Leave to me to wait all these years to break a bone.