Friday, March 22, 2013


I received these beautiful flowers from Mandie, Manny, Zoe and Abby for my birthday.  They have come out so pretty.  I have them sitting right beside my chair.  Thank you again for thinking of me in such a nice way.
Almost four years ago I had surgery for Breast Cancer.  I met another woman who was having her surgery also with the same surgeon.  She was so scared and shook up that I befriended her while sitting in a wheel chair waiting to get a marker inserted for our surgery.  I made her a winter scarf a couple a years ago, and now decided to make this one for her.  Hope she likes it.  So far, we are both cancer free.


Susan in SC said...

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady! How sweet of you to make your friend a scarf.

Heidi Kuijer said...

I am sure Paula is going to be thrilled with her scarf. And the flowers from Mandie are so pretty. They all opened up so well.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Such thoughtful children and grandchildren - and you show the same thoughtfulness in the beautiful scarf for your friend.

Anonymous said...

Just checking around the internet and stopped by to see what was going on with you.

WOW - I'm almost famous!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

I LOVE the scarf!!! Have worn it with a sweater to work and have got compliments on it. Last week I wore it to a Affinity Healthy Woman event and expo. Several people at the expo commented about the scarf and how lovely it is! It takes me a minute or two to describe how I met you!
Wishing us many more cancer free years!!! God Bless! Paula