Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Finally April is here. It isn't an April Fool joke either. I have a busy April coming up, and it is coming pretty quickly now. I fly to Holland on the 14th, and I am busy getting things together.
We have three April Anniversaries in our family. Cards have been mailed out and I hope they have many more years together. I will feature them another day.
One more thing Heidi, I do not need snow on the 4th.


Heidi said...

Sorry mother but the snow just happens each April 4th. :) You are going to have a restfilled month after the flight here. You just sit with your feet up ordering tea and cookies right? I have a cute pattern waiting for you to stitch up that Sonja copied for you. Wait till you see it. If you stitch it, we can finish it and send it off to a little Pickle. Do we know a little Pickle? :)

You will be here to see the tulips fields very soon...

Love and hugs ~

Mandie said...

Hi gramma!!! Thanks for the anniversary card! I got it yesterday. Have a great time in Holland visiting miss Heidi! Zoe and I miss you & love you very much!

talk to you soon!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, April is a favorite month of mine. My wedding anniverssry is this month too and so is my daughter's birthday. Happy times for us.
I loved Back On Blossom Street...I know you're going to enjoy it. I went to a book signing and met Debbie. She is the most interesting speaker and what a kind heart she is. I bet you are really getting excited about your will be here before you know it.
Have happy day, Linda

Elizabethd said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! My daughter lives in Canada, and I dont get to see her often enough, so understand you must be thrilled to be going to see Heidi.

angelasweby said...

Happy April 1st Nancy :>)
Spring is officially here over here in England. The sun came out today and everything suddenly seemed greener and brighter.
I can't believe you will be leaving for Holland in such a short while. We will be counting the days until we meet up :>)
Hugs, Angela