Friday, April 11, 2008


My granddaughter Kristen at Christian Crafter just tagged me. I am supposed to list ten reasons I started blogging.
1. Heidi inspired me with her Celebrate the Seasons and Needlenecessities blogs.
2. I found it is fun sharing crafts with others.
3. For the wonderful people you meet through the blogs.
4. I can show off my family, I love doing that.
5. You can be in all different parts of the world by visiting blogs.
6. Share books you read and hear what others read.
7. Celebrate the changing seasons through pictures.
8. Enjoy vacations others take.
9. See good decorating ideas.
10. It's fun
I am now tagging Heidi, who started this family on blogging

Mary at Across the Pond who we have adopted into our family and
Mandie at Army Wife is my Life and hope she has time to do it and
my neice Amy, who has a wonderful family also.


Pondside said...

All those facts! I agree with you about being 'in all different parts of the world' and seeing 'good decorating ideas.'
You must be getting ready for your trip - and we'll all look forward to hearing about that!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Thats wonderful! Personally speaking..I am so glad you started blogging too!

Elizabethd said...

And what is so amazing is the relationships one forges with new friends, even though one may never meeet them.