Saturday, April 26, 2008


Meet Carolien, one of our blogger friends who lives very close to Heidi. She invited us to have lunch with her and we met her husband and one of her very beautiful daughters. She made wonderful soup for us.
When we got to her house, which is a beautiful very big house, she had this yummy apple pie waiting to serve with Earl Grey tea. It was just as good as it looks.
She stitched this pretty placemat for me, and is now doing a second one. It matches the dishes Heidi and Jos bought for me some time ago. It is stitched to perfection, and backed with an old dutch fabric. I feel very special to have been invited and given this gift from her.
After lunch we got to go into the church attached to her home and it was a very nice private tour.
Thank you so very much Carolien, and please never stop blogging. You have too many treasures in your home waiting to be shown. You can visit Carolien's blog
by going to the side of mine to see the blogs i visit.


Carolien said...

It was a great pleasure to have you here! I already told Heidi: when are you coming again? :)
I hope you enjoyed the sunshine today and have a nice Sunday!

Hug (American of course), Carolien

Solstitches said...

Nancy! I haven't been visiting your blog because I thought you'd be way too busy too update. I'm glad I popped over after visiting Caroliens blog.
Oh my, that apple pie looks sublime. My mouth is watering.
The placemat is gorgeous - very special.

Heidi said...

We really had a fun day with Carolien and her family. She lives in such a nice home and it was fun to sit in her garden and eat that delish homemade apple pie. And when we walked could smell her soup coming from the kitchen...yum! She is a very wonderful person and I am so glad that by blogging I was able to meet another handworker from Amersfoort!

Love and hugs ~

angelasweby said...

What a lovely trip you are having. The weather looks glorious only eclipsed by the brilliance of that apple pie..haha!

I love the placemat too. It's such a thoughtful gift. What lovely people you are meeting. Just hang on a bit and we'll be with you in the twinkling of an eye :>)
Hugs, Angela

Mary said...

Such a lovely photo of you all having a great time. If there's a slice of that fabulous pie left I'll be right over!!!!!

Glad the weather is fine and you are having such fun. Sounds like Angela's on her way too - know that will mean more cups of Earl Grey. I'm jealous - I want to be there too.
Hug to everyone - Mary

P.S. Bob is following your journey too and sends best wishes.

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing your day Nancy! I saw this photo on Carolien's blog, and I love it! She looks so sweet and friendly. And, oh that apple pie. I could dive right in! I love vintage fabrics, and the reverse side of the placemat is lovely as well as the stitched design. Sounds like you are having the best of times!

Lilysmom said...

Sounds like you are getting to do very fun and interesting things while in Holland! Kisses to Heidi for me!

Beatrice said...

Wow I'm so jealous. That pie looks good and I'm so happy you had a nice time with your visit.
What a lovely placemat.
Enjoy the rest of you trip.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how wonderful! That apple pie looks better than any apple pie I've ever seen....I'm sure it was yummy wasn't it?
Nice to see you gals smiling and happy!!!!!!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, I think it's great to meet your blogging friend...too neat. I love the picture of you all and the apple pie just looks so delish. Gorgeous placemat and what a sweet remberance of your special visit. I've never visited Carolien and I'm going to. Continue have a wonderful time, look forward to your next post. Hugs, Linda