Sunday, May 25, 2008


This Memorial Day weekend, I am remembering my very special family. I went to church today and a newly ordained minister in an Army uniform preached the sermon. He is now off to Officers Candidate School then going to be a Chaplain in Iraq. He has already served in Iraq. It set me to thinking about our Military heros. Please remember all the people serving so far away.

Way back in World War I, my Dad was in the Army. He was the beginning of a very military family we have become. I am thinking of you today Dad and very proud of all of the men in our family.
This is Bill, the father of my beautiful children. He was a career military man. He was first in the Marines, then while we were together, he was in the Air Force. He retired in 1975. He was and is the backbone of our family.

This is my oldest son, Bill. He served in the Navy and is a wonderful support to me and all of the family. We appreciate you Bill. When I need help, I call on you.
Thank you for always being there for me.

Eric is my youngest and served in the Navy also as a Corpman. He was lovingly called Doc by his fellow shipmates. We met the doctor of one of his ships and he told us Eric should become a doctor because he was so skilled. Well, that never took place, he chose to be a truck driver. I love you Eric.

This is our wonderful Grandson, Mitch. He is now serving in Iraq and so very much in our thoughts everyday. We are praying for him and his Kristen, Haali and Mitchell. We love you. Stay safe so you can come home soon.

This is the newest Grandson we have, who is also in the US Army. Jason just returned from Quatar. He is now back at FT Bragg. Jason we love you and pray for you in your career and my wonderful Mandie and Zoe.

As you can see, we are a Military Family and we do say God Bless the USA.


Heidi said...

I think I did not make it back up to talk to you before your dinner. I hope you all together with Louise have a great dinner. What is to eat? Nice to see all the photos together like this. Actually this went deeper as two uncles served in WWII and there may be more I am not even remembering right now.

Love and hugs ~

Lilysmom said...

What a great entry. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I'm very proud to have all those military men in my family! Thank you for all your service!

Mandie said...

Hi Gramma! I loved this post! Seeing all the pictures of the men in our family in uniform is so nice! :o) Sorry I haven't been posting lately...been busy getting things together to drive back to Ft. Bragg. It will be an interesting 20 hours with just Zoe and I in a Uhaul! LOL Pray for me!!!!! :oP Love you!!!!


Joni said...

What a wonderful pictorial! Bill and Eric both get 5 points for being in uniform... LOL I can relate to your pride and your family members deployed are in my prayers. Actually, all your family is!

Nancy said...

Hi Nancy,
What an admirable family you have. Thank goodness there are people like this to support our freedom. My dad was in World War II, and I always think of him on Memorial Day. He has some interesting stories to tell, and tells them more the older he gets. I love looking through his photos he took in Belgium, and the uniform bits and pieces, telegrams, etc. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about all the men in Iraq.

angelasweby said...

What a lovely gallery of photos. You really have a wonderful family and write so lovingly about them all.
You have placed them all in my thoughts on this special occasion:>)
Warm wishes, Angela

Solstitches said...

Great post Nancy!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful family pictures.

Mary said...

I know you and your girls are so so proud of these fine men in your family...........and I too thank them for all they do, and have done, to keep this my adoptive country safe.

Times of war and strife are terribly sad, if only the world could be a peaceful place. I have nobody in my immediate family on active duty now, however I always pray for Mitch and Jason because they belong to you and Heidi, and I feel very close to you both.

Enjoy this lovely week Nancy - I hope you are settled back at home now and enjoying the memories of your visit with Heidi.
Hugs - Mary.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

That is quite a list of military men! I hope the 'young ones' come home safely. Your husband Bill had such a kind face!

Hugs, Carolien

Kristen said...

We have quite the military history in our family! Just so you know he is doing very well. He is tired but trying to get out a little earlier to get more sleep and got our package in only 8 days! Nice post Gramma. Love you,