Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The day the ladies arrived from England, we went on this boat ride through Amersfoort. It was a gift to us from Jacomina, one of Heidi's quilt ladies.
I don't ever remember what I am seeing, this was my second trip. The guide speaks only Dutch on this trip so Heidi had to keep telling us what she was saying.
Here is Heidi and Angela. We have another group picture I am putting on, but Angela took the picture so she isn't on it.

It was beautiful weather the entire time we were in Holland. What is going on? I am now home to typical cool Dutch weather. It is only 41 degrees today.

This is just more of the trip down the canal. Thanks Jacomina and Oomke.
Here is our group. We really had such a good time. I will be looking forward to England in 2010 and with Joni planning it, it has to be lots of laughs. Mary, want to come along?


Nancy said...

More heavy sighs! Absolutely beautiful!

Heidi said...

We had so much good luck with the weather. It could not have been better. I am really looking forward to our next get together in The Cotswolds. It is going to be so much and I hope England is ready for us. :)

Love and hugs ~

Teresa said...

Thanks for the pictures. I am so glad you had a good time!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love your photos...what a great time you had..and it shows in all the pictures!

Carolien said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I think I know this area ... :)

Have a nice day & hugs, Carolien

Joni said...

The weather was so gorgeous (even though it was a little too warm for me) but I did miss that sunshine when I got home to dreariness and cool temps. LOL So, I'm planning the 2010 England trip? Do we have to wait until 2010? And my planning will be finding a place to stay for all of us and the historic places/shopping excursions will be left up to everybody else!

Lilysmom said...

Looks like a wonderful time. And what a fun way to meet and see your online friends! I would have loved that boat ride!

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures! You really saw such lovely sites...the canal boat ride looks like something out of a movie...I'd love doing it. Hugs, Linda

Beatrice said...

I am so impressed with the photos...thanks for sharing. It sure looks like you girls had a ball!
Take care,

angelasweby said...

It's such a delight seeing your beautiful photos. It brings all the wonderful things we did and saw flooding back into my mind. The weather truly was perfect especially for a canal trip :>)
Warm hugs, Angela

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

What an awesome trip that must have been. All that history, those gorgeous buildings and the beautiful landscapes.

I hope that England is indeed prepared for you and the rest of the ladies.

Mary said...

Of course I read this some time ago but just realized I was so excited (and rushing about trying to figure out how to join your great gals on that next trip!), that apparently I didn't leave a comment - SORRY!

I know you all had so much fun together - thanks for sharing Nancy.

Solstitches said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of the trip Nancy. I wish I could have been there as it all looks so beautiful.
It's good to have something to plan for and 2010 will be here before you know it the way the years slip by.