Saturday, May 17, 2008


When I went to Holland, this little bear hopped into my suitcase to go and live with Angela in England.
Angela was kind enough to bring a pattern to me for stitching Henry the Eighth and his wives. I have been wanting it for some time. She told me she had it but never did stitch it. I knitted this little bear for her as a thank you. She gave the bear my very silly middle name.


Heidi said...

And now this little bear has a new home in England. Oh to be in England...any time of the year! :) This bear has a little pink dress on in honor of Angela too who loves the color pink.

Love and hugs ~

Nancy said...

What a sweet little bear, and I have a feeling Angela loves her!

Carolien said...

Oh, what a sweet bear! She's soo cute! Angela definitely must love her! Good to hear there's another bear in the world.

Bye & hug, Carolien

angelasweby said...

Oh what an exciting post today, NancyI I showed it to my little bear (I don't know if you want me to mention her name but, it is the loveliest name ever and suits her to perfection.) She was so pleased to see herself on screen and told me to send you her love :>) Even though she has taken first place in my affection, none of the other bears mind because she is such a cutie. Thank you for such a special gift.
Hugs, Angela

BittersweetPunkin said...

Thats an adorable little bear! How sweet...
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Mandie said...

How CUTE!!! Hey gramma, I know another someone who would love a little bear like that with a pink dress! Do you know who it might be? ha ha ha...Love you!

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
I just finished visiting Heidi's blog and wanted to stop by and see what pictures you had of your time there. I'm glad I came because now I know what my dear friend Heidi looks like and Carolien too!
You must have had a wonderful time. I know it is hard being so far away from your daughter.
Thanks for your tour of the Netherlands.

Joni said...

The sweetest little bear ever and I got to meet her personally!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Just love the little bear and know that she has a good home with Angela.


Mary said...

Angela will definitely be giving tiny bear hugs to this little sweetie - and she'll think of you and remember the fun time you all had together! Perhaps I'll make it over next time - that would be fun if Heidi can handle another friend along! Hope she's resting - and that you had fun with the kids this weekend Nancy!

Hugs and best wishes for a super week.

P.S. Now come on, share that name with us - I'm anxious to know!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Nancy that was an awesome trip. What a wonderful bunch of memories you must have. I just love those quilts, especially the one that Heidi made with the Freedom theme.

What a sweet little bear. The perfect gift for a fellow needle crafter.

Linda said...

That is the sweetest little bear and I especially like her because she's made with love. I know she is happy in her new home...I'm wondering what her name is :). Hugs, Linda