Tuesday, May 26, 2009


May 23rd was Eric's birthday, we drove to Toledo on Sunday to see Becky and him and I took this cake for him. I hunted the first picture they took of him in the Navy.

This is a poncho I made to fit about a 10 to 12 year old.
This one is about a five year old size.

The hat is chrocheted, and the two little ponchos are for Barbie Dolls. I did make two more hats that I will show later.


Heidi said...

Gees come you can cheat and put a very young Eric on his cake??? He is not that young and does not even have that much hair! Glad you got to see him and Becky this weekend.

The ponchos are really coming along. They are looking like fun for girls to wear. I think Mandie would have loved a Barbie poncho many moons ago.

Love and hugs ~

Tam said...

Those little doll ponchos are just adorable!!
You have me thinking Nancy, about how one of those ponchos would look in some hand spun yarn in my size....hhmmm I think I feel another spinning/knitting project brewing ;-)

Sonja said...

Great how you made this cake so personal for Eric. You are traveling a lot to keep up with the family!
Glad to see you are still on line.
And I wonder if you are knitting all night long? You are a speedy lady with your knitting needles!

Solstitches said...

Beautiful knitted projects Nancy!
That poncho design is so cute. I've never seen one with buttons before.
The doll version is adorable.

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, the latest ponchos are great, fun colors for little girls and the little Barbie ones are so cute....makes me wish I still played dolls. I love Eric's patriotic birthday cake.....sounds like a happy day...hugs, Linda