Monday, November 23, 2009


This is one of my very favorite authors. I haven't read this one yet, I just bought it cause it was calling me as I passed it at Walmart. Some authors I just always buy.
I love Susan Boyle. I think she has a wonderful voice. Best Buy advertised this, her new CD in Sunday's paper. I just went to buy it. So far, I have only heard three songs. They are great. She so deserves to be at the top of the list. She was on Good Morning America today, and I missed it. Boo Hoo. Did you get to see her on Britians Got Talent? Heidi told me about it so I got it on my laptop, since then, I have been a fan.
I have never read this author before. A friend lent me this book. I just started it, but so far it is pretty good.


Heidi said...

I have read Emilie Richards and liked her. I bet you will like it. I don't know the other author at all but like the title. I am now remembering that I wanted to look up the Renoir painting The Boating Party since I am reading a book about his creating that painting. I want to see it as they only show a portion on the book front. It is a famous painting that everyone knows but when they talk in detail about it, I keep wanting to see the real thing as I read it.

Love and hugs ~

barbi said...

Funny about Susan Boyle, what a transformation, huh?? She does have a beautiful voice, I have to agree!! Going on that show was the best thing she could have done for herself and I'm sure it took alot of courage for her to do that!! I didn't realize she has a CD out, that's really great!!

Love, Barbi

Tam said...

Hi Nancy,
I like Emilie Richards also.
Susan Boyle does have a beautiful voice indeed, I hope to pick up her CD soon!
Thanks for sharing the books with us :)
Happy Thanksgiving and hugs2u!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Nancy, I hope you have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!!


Mary said...

I really love that first song - Wild Horses - never heard it before. I think this lady is amazing, overcoming many obstacles and heartbreaks during her life, and now here she is a star!! Sadly, many reviewers are still saying cruel things about Susan, they must lead small lives and will never be as admired as she is.

Happy Thanksgiving dear Nancy - have a lovely time.

Carolien said...

Good morning, Nancy!

Yes, I have seen Susan Boyle, the girls kept looking to her contribution on t.v. (YouTube). She can surely sing, amazing!
I hope you will have plenty of time to read your new books :)

Have a nice day & hugs,

Linda said...

Hi, Hi Nancy...
I think Susan Boyle is amazing, she has a beautiful voice. I've been looking for her CD at WalMart but they have not had it, I'll have to try BB.
I've never read either of these authors, both books look good. I'm reading The Murder Of King Tut by James Patterson...really enjoying it...enjoy your two new reads....hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

Nancy, hi there,
I agree, Susan Boyle's voice is positively angelic. It's on the radio all the time here in England.
Enjoy your CD and your new books. I'm beginning to get a bit desperate as I'm nearing the end of my book and don't have a replacement :>)What Will I do....sigh!!
Hugs Angela

Terri said...

I bought Susan Boyles album too! She has such a beautiful voice.
But I wish whomever it was that produced this album would have put a few up tempo numbers in there as well! Maybe next time....
(Hey! Maybe next time would actually be a good song for her, don't you think?