Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is what happened to a very old spoon, when Eric was mixing the stuffing in the next picture.
Using one of my four very old mixing bowls, he is stirring the stuffing and whoops.
The turkey is ready to come out of the roaster now, but it is falling apart so first the stuffing has to come out. He is hunting a strong spoon. LOL
Ok, he has it under control now with a stainless steel spoon, should be safer. Sorry, the picture is a little bit blurred.
Ok Heidi, Eric also made the chocolate pie, and here is one piece left just for you.
You better hurry, I think George might find it this evening. It is very good too.
Thanks Eric, for all you help.


Sweetie said...

It looks like Eric had everything under control. Who cleaned up after the feast?

Amy Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the new frosty on the page!

Linda said...

Your turkey looks beautiful and how yummy is that pie...I bet it was delish...hugs, Linda

Saskia said...

That looked like a good thanksgiving diner.
How was the chocolat pie Heidi??..

Carolien said...

That pie looks yummie!

Have a nice week & hugs,

Tam said...


Heidi said...

Thanks for leaving me a piece of my favorite kind of pie Lootlie Bean! But I think I do need to come live in Ohio and teach you the importance of good old fashioned things again. You needed a wooden spoon to mix that stuffing. I need to tell Santa that you need a set of wooden spoons cause you believe again right? :-)

Hope your Thanksgiving was really great mother. I was thinking of you as at the same time you ate, we went to Jos' favorite restaurant to eat too.

Love and hugs ~

Sonja said...

Looks you all had a great Thanksgiving! Did the snowmen help Eric in the kitchen?

Susan in SC said...

I'm thinking a wooden spoon would be useful to you as well. How funny! Looks like you had a wonderful meal!

angelasweby said...

I'm not surprised that amazing looking pie disappeared like magic. The whole meal looks delicious. I'm glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.
Hugs Angela

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

MMMMM...Turkey.....There is nothing like a Thanksgiving feast with good food, family and friends.