Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Some of you probably know that Heidi is doing giveaways on her blog. She is sending the winner handmade coasters. She made me six of these cute little snowmen coasters. They are really cute. Thank you Miss Pickles the Elf.
I also received a little package and inside was this cute sissor fob. See the little witch riding along on her broom. She had a long ride all the way from Holland.
I love it. Thanks again.
If you pop over to All my scattering moment, from my friends list, you can read a story about this fob.
Many years ago, before I had four hundred (and I am not kidding) snowmen, she made this little quilted snowman. He is on the steps, center stage with all the other stuffed snowmen. They are all waiting to see if I decide to put up the snowman tree this year. First I have to decide where in the world I would put it.
It is getting colder in Ohio right now. I might get more in the mood.


onlymehere said...

She's so talented. I read the story about the witch fob and her calling her Nag! I thought it was cute. It's been cold around here too but I'm still not in the mood for Christmas. No time to get ready. I wanted all the decorations up last weekend but life didn't cooperate. Maybe sometime later this week. Time is going waaaaaaaaay too fast right now. I need it to slow down and let me catch my breath, lol!

Heidi said...

Glad you like everything! I made you 8 coasters. How strange that you only have 6. Did the postman steal some?

I got an email that Barbara finally got her fob so that is why I posted about it. I hope she reads the blog and sees the story. I could not think of a witchy sounding name beginning with N so I did your old initials. :-)

Love and hugs ~

Saskia said...

Presents are always fun to get. And because there made by a special person, it makes it more special. Love the snowmen, so i hope the tree will be filled this year. i think of putting up my christmastree too this year. Not sure where to put it yet.

angelasweby said...

I love your little coasters. They are perfect for you and so is the lovely little witch fob - meant in the nicest possible way, of course..haha! All you need to do now is tell Nag whenever you want to cast a spell and she'll arrange it for you...haha!
Warm hugs Angela

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, your coasters are so cute and I love the fob! I love witches too, have you seen the witch Hallmark ornament? Somehow it flew into my hands so I had to buy it...hehehe. I'm popping over to Heidi's to read about your little treasure...hugs, Linda

Anna said...

We're not bothering with any decorations this year other than our Christmas tree and a door wreath - it leaves us so much more time to spend together as a family when we're not putting up lights, dragging out little houses, decorations, and knicknacks (to say nothing of all the time it takes to put them all away again!) We have done this two years in a row and are so much less stressed, and have much more time with family to focus on the really important things.

Tam said...

What nice little gifts from your wonderful daughter!
Another VERY cute snowman!
Please send some of that cold weather to PA Nancy, it is far too warm here for December.