Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I just got home from New York this morning very early. A package was waiting for me. George said it came on Christmas Eve. I just cannot believe what I found when I opened the box. Cindy, Onlymehere, made this wonderful doll for me. I am hoping you will be able to read the letter she wrote with it.
I left a comment on her blog once when she put a doll on and told a story about her daughters lost doll. I also had a lost rag doll so many years ago. Well, unknown to me, she was talking to Heidi and planning this wonderful surprise for me. I am so overwhelmed, I really don't know what to say to her. She is a wonderful person, it comes out in her blogging. I have not met her, but consider her a special friend.
I really hope you can read the letter she wrote to me. I don't often share letters people write, but she tells it so much better than I ever could.
Words cannot express my thanks to you Cindy. I wish you could have seen me when I opened that box. You are so special, thinking of others. I hope your time goes very fast while your Son is away on his mission.
By the way, Cindy, I wouldn't change a thing and I will treasure this doll.


Susan in SC said...

What a sweet doll for such a sweet person!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Nancy, that is wonderful! What a special surprise indeed!

Happy New Year!

dude8001 said...

You're very welcome. It truly was a joy to try to replicate your lost doll. I learned much about myself in the process and made a new friend or two which, to me, is priceless. :)

dude8001 said...

P.S. LOL at me! I'm still signed into my son's account and updating his mission blog! I can't believe I forgot to sign out! This is Cindy!

barbi said...

WOW, that doll is so CUTE!! You should feel so special that she made this for you, what a great lady!! I always think you're special!! I learned something we have in common by reading the letter, (yes, it is very readable) red is our favorite color!! I want to also wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Love You, Barbi

Tam said...

Beautiful doll!
Happy New Year Nancy!

Kate said...

What a great thing to do at Christmas - something so nice for others!

Sonja said...

What a great surprise your friend Cindy made for you!
Whishing you a Happy New Year!!

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

Happy New Year!!!

The doll's story is marvellous. How sweet for your friend to have made this for you. I'm sure it will bring you lots of luck in 2010!

Hugs & love, Carolien

Heidi said...

Glad Cindy arrived safe and sound. She had to sit in that box and wait for you quietly and patiently since Christmas eve. Poor thing! I got to see photos of her at the post office. :-) And I had to keep a secret from my mommy and I am not allowed to have secrets from my mommy. Does my mommy forgive me?

Love and hugs ~

Brigitte said...

Oh Nancy, what a sweet little doll you received. Enjoy this wonderful gift.
Have a Happy New Year!