Sunday, December 13, 2009


I wanted to get to my sewing machine, so I HAD to start gift wrapping. I felt buried in gifts and still I am not done. Did I buy too much, yes I think I did.
It would have been nice, if this guy would have showed up to help me.
Now, I have to tell you, my gifts do not look like these. It would be nice, but no. I have mostly snowman paper. Is anyone surprised, bet not.


onlymehere said...

I'm going to smile as I wrap presents with my snowman paper bz I'll be thinking of you. I wish I was there to help you to bz I love to wrap presents!! I'll be doing ours later in the week.

onlymehere said...

P.S. Kaje' used to collect snowmen and I even made her a snowman quilt one year as her collectible. We stopped doing this when Nicholas became a teenager bz the kids were getting way too many! Nicholas collected St. Nicholas', Brianna collected angels, Travis collected Rudolph's, and Kaje' collected snowmen! It was so much fun for me looking for just the right one!

Susan in SC said...

Oh don't remind me of all the gifts I have to wrap - and I keep buying! Yes, I bought too much too but it is Christmas and it does come only once a year!! :-)

Carolien said...

Good luck with the big task of wrapping things in snowmen paper ... and no I am not totally surprised you do so :)

Have a nice day!
Love, Carolien

Anonymous said...

No Nancy I am not surprised. I think that looks better as only gold and red. And as a mum I can say that we always buy too much but we like it too do! Groetjes and hugs

Heidi said...

That guy is very busy right now wrapping his own He has been sending me to do errands for him to. :-) Guess you should not have let me grow up cause I used to wrap stuff for you and especially for dad. He would call me with that look in his eye to the bedroom and have all your presents he bought you laying. He would have me wrap them all for you and was happy as could be. *sigh* Gee just thinking about it brings him back doesn't it!

Love and hugs ~

P.S. ~ You get to wrap extra this year too since Eric is back in the fold. :-) Santa will be putting extra bells on his sleigh this year.

I hope Ditty does get to come home for Christmas!

Linda said...

Nancy, you are a head of me. I've just started daughter loves snowmen too (she loves all your guys) so I try to wrap all her gifts in her favorite paper too.
The comic is so cute, reminds me of packages from my DD when she was little...sweet memories...hugs, Linda

Sweetie said...

I was thinking about you and your snow man collection. I was not going to display my collection this year but am now considering it. I have most of my cookies baked and most of the gifts wrapped (thank God for gift bags). I still have to get some gift cards. I haven't forgotten about us getting together. I think of you often.