Saturday, December 26, 2009


I made a label for a Santa hat on my embroidery machine. I wasn't sure he would want it. This is what they used to sing to him when he was in the Navy. You're a mean one Mr. Groetz.
This is my wonderful Daughter in Law, Becky. I made her one too. She loves Christmas. Her's says Naughty or Nice. She's nice.
Becky's mom told Eric the newest male member of the family has to be Santa. I
cannot believe he did it. He never did Christmas AT ALL. This is one more reason to love Becky.
Even Santa received a gift. He loves the Browns, no matter what they do, or don't do. LOL Becky's Mom made this for Eric.
He might actually be having fun. How many drinks did you have Eric?
I taught Becky to knit and crochet and she is now a machine. She made these hats and scarves for her nieces. I am soooooo proud of her. I am in New York, and they are in Toledo and I miss them. We had our Christmas before I left.


Heidi said...

Well let me tell you that Eric MOST DEFINATELY DID celebrate Christmas when we were growing up. He was the champion find the presents hidden in the house kid. :-) He is back to normal again. Thanks Becky! Hope he and Becky had a great first Christmas together.

Love and hugs ~

Carolien said...

One is never too old to change ... ;)

Merry Christmas! Hugs, Carolien

Amy Marie said...

Aunt Nancy, please tell Kristy and family I said Hello and Happy HOlidays to all of you. So glad you are able to be there with them!

Linda said...

Looks like a happy Christmas for everyone....hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

Everyone's having such fun Nancy. I love the hats.
Hugs Angela

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun time at Christmas! One of the best parts of Christmas is getting nice and thoughtful gifts for your family, surprising them too. Otherwise we'd just be buying things for........ourselves ! Not so good at Christmas.
Becky's nieces look cute with their scarves.

Brigitte said...

It looks like everyone was having a lot of fun.
I hope you were having a great Christmas holiday and that you are enjoying a wonderful weekend.

onlymehere said...

How wonderful to have her pick up a hobby that you love! I hope you're having a great time in New York! What a wonderful place. I dream of going there some day but that's quite a way into the future right now. It definitely looks like you had a great holiday. Isn't it wonderful how someone who truly loves our children can bring out the unexpected and best in them? I've truly seen miracles with my Nicholas and he's had so much joy in his life since he met Jill. I hope you have a happy new year also!