Wednesday, December 9, 2009


When Fawn was in grade school, she sang a song, LITTLE TOY VILLAGE. We love that song even now. Many years ago I started painting this village. I have added to it over the years.
This year, I put the village on a built in cupboard in the entry hall at my back door. Everyone uses this door. The large center is a cement gnome/mushroom house that I also painted. It is way to heavy to move, so it got covered with snow and stayed put. I guess it is okay for Santa to land on a mushroom. That Santa
was on Bill's birthday cake many years ago.
I have painted many of these villages for people. Heidi will have hers out soon. My pen pal in England says she has hers out already.


Linda said...

Nancy, I love your village, you created a wonderful treasure. The little villages are just magicial and one of my favorite decorations at Christmas. I love to look at all the little shops and people and make up little stories about them....I love the little car, wonder where it's going, maybe to church? hugs, Linda

hazel said...

Your village is a delight to see Nancy, you must enjoy putting it out each year, what did you paint this year for it. Hope santa finds his way around on Christmas Eve. Hope you are well, Love Hazel (UK)

angelasweby said...

Your village is really magical. I love the idea of Santa landing on a snow covered mushroom. I've always wanted a Christmas village ever since I made one with the children I used to teach Art to many years ago. We made it from small card boxes and sat them all on a landscape made of cotton wool. Sadly, I never got round to making one :>)
How lovely to add to it each year and for each piece to have a memory attached to it :>)
Hugs Angela

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, you painted your village so lovely. Every year I admire the village you painted for Heidi at her place. She visited me yesterday and looked so happy when she was telling me about you, Ohio and the Amishland.
She wanted to bring her Noah's quilt to work on but she couldn't find it! Are we surprised? lol
hugs and groetjes, Elly

Heidi said...

I am going to be putting my village out very soon too. I just love it as you well know! I think it is so neat that you still have the old vintage Santa and sleigh that was used each year on Bill's birthday cake. I just love that old thing!!! It brings back many memories including my impatience at having to wait until after his birthday to be allowed to start putting up the Christmas tree. Now that I am kind of grown up, I can do it when I

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

I had to enlarge each picture for a better look! I'm impressed with the steady hand you have and how beautiful this village is. I can't believe that you've made more than one. I'm sure your friends will cherish their villages forever. Just beautiful! Oh, and I didn't even know Santa had a castle!

Carolien said...

This looks so cosy, Nancy!!! I´ve seen parts of it earlier on your blog but still love to see it. The thought of having painted it yourself is so very special ... I bet everybody enjoys it!

Have a great weekend!
Love from PonchoCarolien

P.S. It´s finally getting cold here, they predict some snow ... present for Heidi!

Terri said...

I have always wanted a village and a train! Maybe next year...

Yours is lovely by the way. Ceramic?