Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is Bill at age 5 in Africa. His Dad was stationed at Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, North Africa. It wasn't easy riding on sand. There was no grass and no pavement.
That fence was around our house.
At age 18, on his birthday, he left for the Navy.
Now, this is a little more recent. He is 52 today. Happy Birthday Bill. Heidi just sang to him on skype, and Jos wished him a Happy Birthday. I made his favorite, Oatmeal cake and we will have another cake too. Eric and Becky are coming for dinner and I need to get to the store. LOL
If we get time, tomorrow we will be doing his favorite thing. Baking cookies. I am
going to New York on Monday at 5:30am on Amtrak. Mitch told Kristy to call me and tell me my Christmas present is a ticket to their house for Christmas. We are
having Christmas here on Sunday. Bill will be working double shifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and Eric and Becky will be going to Toledo. George has his Granddaughter coming home from Florida so he will be at his Son's and told me go ahead and go.


Heidi said...

Well I sang already once but since I am sure my big brother loves to hear me goes again...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Bullyyyyyy,
happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!

...and now your twooooooooo!

Love and hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Bill and you all.
Have a very nice Christmas too.
Maybe your next ticket is to Holland?
Have a good stay there.
Hugs and groetjes

Mary said...

Nancy, I'm sending best wishes for your trip to visit Kristy for Christmas - she will make it a special, wonderful time for you I know.

I hope the coming year will be a healthy and very happy one dear - you, and of course Heidi, are in our thoughts often.

With love, Mary & Bob

Linda said...

Have a wonderful trip Nancy, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Happy Birthday wishes to Bill, have a happy evening...hugs, Linda

Brigitte said...

Happy birthday wishes to Bill. And have a safe trip and wonderful Christmas days.

Carolien said...

Now this is a nice gift!!! And yes, congratulations of course!!!
I am wearing your poncho right now. (I am such a hero in cold times, brrr! But it's nice for all the children.)

Have a nice weekend, hugs & love,

Susan in SC said...

Another birthday! I am coming to YOUR house for MY birthday! Happy Birthday wishes to Bill! Enjoy your trip!

angelasweby said...

Sending lots of birthday wishes to Bill
I hope you have a lovely trip Nancy and a wonderful Christmas.
Hugs Angela

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Bill. I hope you're still reading all the good authors that we shared. I miss discussing the books with you.