Saturday, January 2, 2010


This is the view from my back door. Both of my Son's and my Daughter in law have duplex apartments across from the car on the road. I always make them wave when they are on the way home. LOL
This is the view from the other side of the porch. Just a ton of snow right now, and snowing hard at the moment.
Can't escape out the front door either. Heidi would love it. The snow is very fluffy. I got a snowman kit from Becky and Eric for Christmas and he asked today if I thought we could build a snowman. I swept the walks, and the snow is fluffy and light, so no we cannot.


Heidi said...

Yep, it is the Ohio I remember as a girl. Snow, wonderful snow! Being stuck inside like that is a punishment watching the snowflakes fall. Snow, wonderful snow! I wish I was there to make you a cup of real Dutch hot cocoa with whipped cream. Looks like you need a cup to go with that...
Snow, wonderful snow! :-)

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

How wonderful to have your kids that close to you! I can just picture them waving in your direction every time they come home! I don't know about you but I'm ready for the snow to go away, although you do need to use that snowman kit and take a picture of him for us! What a fun gift for a snowman collector. :) I'm actually seeing a hint of sun through the clouds today so I better not complain about the weather or it may go back into hiding, lol! Have a great weekend. Cindy

Linda said...

Happy New Year Nancy. I'm wishing only the best for you and yours in 2010.

I love all the snow, but then I can just enjoy the pictures and not have to endure all the cold...everything looks so beautiful. I love your kids being so close to being near is a blessing.

Have a happy weekend and fun building your snowman.....oh, I love your new picture for your blog.
It is so neat...I love seeing everyone, women and children....hugs, Linda

Carolien said...

I like warmer times, but it is a magnificent view like this! How nice your kids live so nearby ...

Take care & hugs, Carolien

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

That's the thing about snow...there's so much to go around. I've got the same view (apart from your Son's place) outside my front door.

Sonja said...

Oh my, that's a whole lot of snow! I do agree you ought to make yourself a snowman, being such a great snowman-lady. I wonder if there will be snow in Holland when we get back.

Brigitte said...

I immediately thought of Heidi when I was looking at your pictures. Wow, that's a "nice" amount of snow. I'm more of a no-snow-please person. Definitely, lol.

Anonymous said...

Snow, snow, snow! I think we had enough in Holland but tomorrow it will snow again and our streets look again like yours!
I wish you, your family and Ohio a very Happy New Year.
Groetjes and hugs

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
That is a lot of snow. I sure don't miss it living here in NC. ALthough iut is so cold here today snow would be welcome. I hope the new year brings good health to you.
Hugs, Rhondi