Saturday, January 9, 2010


All this snow, can you make a snowman, nooooooooooo.
You cannot roll it at all. It is like powder. I went next door and asked Becky if Eric could come out to play.
On his knees, using a shovel to get snow from another area. No luck.
MOMMMMMMMMMMM, this is hopeless and yes Heidi, this was an attempt just for you. I got a snowman kit from Becky and Eric for Christmas but no way would that carrot nose and scarf work for this little guy.
Okay, give him some stick arms, eyes and a mouth that says "Oh brother".
He's out there just waiting for some wet snow to help him grow. It was still fun playing in the snow with Eric.


Susan in SC said...

what a sweet snowman! I just love him!

Heidi said...

He almost looks like a white Hersey I enjoyed a good laugh looking at the photos. But hey, at least your tried. You did succeed to bring Eric in touch with his youth as well as yourself. :-) Me? Well, I am still in that youth and will be until I am (10) Now that thought just made me shudder. You made me very proud of my mommy by trying and I bet you have to admit you had fun.

Love and hugs ~

P.S. ~ Where do I know that oh brother smirk from???

Linda said...

Nancy...Playing in the snow, fun, fun, fun, and cold too. I love your sweet snowman!

Nancy I thought amishobi was a real word:) I'm trying to find it with no luck... thank you for solving the mystery...too funny.

I joined facebook ages ago and never did a thing with it....can't even remember my password...need to check it out....if I go on I'll let you know...hugs, Linda

p.s. It's nice part of your family is close..I like that. It's just the three of us, all my relatives have passed on and all my hubbies family is in Texas...miss them so...L

Mary said...

Nancy, that must be fun snow even though it won't stick - and there's an awful lot of it!! We're freezing but not a flake has fallen yet.

Sonja said...

Oh Nancy, how I love these foto's! You make me smile by this snowman attempt. Although the snow wasn't perfect to build a snowman, the two of you did a great job! It really looks like a (fat) little snowman! Can this snowman resist a little wind or will he loose some weigth if the wind starts blowing round his fabulous body?

Saskia said...

It's snowing in holland too.
New snowman will appear soon I guess...
But I like the one you made, it's a sweet little man.
First I wouldn't go into the woods today, because of the snow. But Rover was pretty good in making me go anyway. So after all it was a good snowy walk.

onlymehere said...

Great job on the snowman! I have a feeling that you'll still get a chance to use that snowman kit, darn it. I'm not a winter person so I'm always glad to see the first shoots of green coming up in the spring. Good for you for trying though and at least succeeding with a snow man, even if you can't use the kit!

Carolien said...

Oh but it is lovely! A very good, decent and sweet snowman, bravo!

This was fun to see!
Hugs, Carolien

Rhondi said...

Dear Nancy
I can see that you are a child at heart. The snowman is cut despite the lack of packing snow.
Hugs, Rhondi

Amy Marie said...

Love it! Lily has only been out like 2x b/c it's so cold. Very fun!

Tam said...

Too cute! and yes Heidi he does look like a Hershey Kiss!
Snowmen are always wonderful no matter their shape :)

kanishk said...

I enjoyed a good laugh looking at the photos. But hey, at least your tried.
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Brigitte said...

He's such a funny guy. The snowman that is, lol.

Kristen said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! :)