Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is the project I finally finished last night. My sister wanted to buy a sweater at the craft show that I had knitted. It was a kids size 8. The sweater fit, but the sleeves were too short. It was red, but I just swapped the blue and red and she got her sweater. Hope it fits.
This isn't a very good picture of her, and she didn't have time to try it on. We were going to my cousin's birthday party. She liked it and it looks like it might be okay.
This is my cousin, Louise, who I talk about a lot. She was quite surprised.
The party was at her brother and sister in laws house, and Sue made the cake. It was really as good as is looks.
The gifts were supposed to be gags. When we were kids, when we visited our Aunt
in Pennsylvania, we were each give a quarter to spend at the five and ten. We always bought a cut out book and some candy. I thought it only fitting to give the same to her now. Not for a quarter but oh well. It was a fun day.


Amy Marie said...

Oh how fun! I'm sure my Nanny loved the sweater. Happy Birthday to Louise!

onlymehere said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I hope that Cindy brings a smile to your face when you see her. I told her to be a good girl for you, lol! The sweater is fabulous! I wish I had this talent of knitting but it just never worked when I tried it. I guess I'm just to clumsy with my hands for such fine detail work. I think it's fun too that you celebrate each other's birthdays still. I'm sure she was thrilled with everything!

Linda said...

Nancy the sweater for your sister is lovely and looks perfect...I love the red buttons.

What a fun party for Louise, her birthday celebration looks like lots of fun and the cake yummy...hugs, Linda

Heidi said...

Hi Ruthie Boothie! It looks like the sweater will fit her very well. It was fun that Louise was here so they could throw her a surprise party. I even know about your loving cut out dolls as kids. Hope you had a fun afternoon with her for her birthday. Tell her I said make her 70th year her best yet when you talk to her again!

Love and hugs ~

Saskia said...

That looks like a fun birthday!
And the 70's are the new 50's.
The sweater looks great! would be comfortable and warm.
I use to knit lots of sweaters, 15 years ago, and now I wish I still had one or two. It's realy winter in Holland.

Carolien said...

Congratulations and it must have been a nice surprise party like this! The sweater looks great!

Hugs & love, Carolien

Susan in SC said...

Happy Birthday Louise! What a pretty sweater you made - you are so talented!

Brigitte said...

Your sister must be so delighted with her new sweater. It's so beautiful. Your're a real artist with your needles.