Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If we ever think of complaining, and I do, about the weather and how cold we are, just think of having to go everywhere in an open buggy.
To think you might need to go to the store for food or milk, and you cannot just jump into a warm car and go. Oh my, count your blessings
I truly love and admire the Amish. They deserve everything God gives them. They are hard workers and don't ask for much from anyone.


Heidi said...

Ah yes, but they can wrap themselves up in a beautifully and lovingly quilt made by Amish hands! Most things they have in their homes. I believe they are better prepared than we ever are and happier too. Our lives are too complicated nowadays. Can you tell I grew up with you loving the Amish? :-)

Love and hugs ~

Kate said...

The Amish are great - they don't place the value on acquiring things, or on money - the value is on family and on God.

They try to be patient too, unlike many "English" (what they call us) who have temper tantrums and take it out on others!

onlymehere said...

For some reason I'm fascinated with the Amish. Maybe bz years and years ago we had a neighbor who lived in Amish country for many years (she wasn't Amish though) and brought home the most beautiful, simple Amish furniture. I loved going to her house bz I loved the furniture. I'm discovering more and more what a simple girl I seem to be.

Linda said...

Gosh I've never thought of this....we are spoiled and take so much for granted.
I've seen several programs on our PBS and admire their gentle way of life, peace and contentment.

I feel like I'm missing something...Farmville sounds like fun...hugs, Linda

Barbara said...

Yes, the Amish are certainly a group of well organized, caring people. They have lived this way from the beginning, and I do admire them for their hard work and beautiful items the ladies make, even though sometimes they look rather plain (which I like), besides they are great cooks also. Thanks for reminding us of this.


Linda said...

Nancy..I give up. I've googled and looked in the dictionary and can't find amishobi..what does it inquiring mind wants to know:)...hugs, Linda

Anna said...

The Amish are so helpful to each other - a real community. We could really learn something from them about helping each other, without asking for anything in return.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I can't complain...well I have been complaining because we haven't had snow yet this winter. The only snow I am seeing is on TV and here in that complaining? :)


Peg said...

Nancy I do so agree with you, we are far to self satisfying, including me, and how we grumble when we experience even a small inconvenience. I love reading and hearing about the Armish way of life, how wonderful to be in a community who help each other instead of trying to out do or out buy each other with the latest gadget. I imagine the ladies have a great sense of companianship when they work on the beautiful quilts together and like wise the men when they build. How we could take lessons from these lovely people.
Changing the subject, for once I don't envy my friends from across the ocean we have more snow than we can cope with :o) of course some places are at a standstill we just never seem to get it right. My dogs are loving it :o)

Take care lovely Nancy, I do enjoy reading your blog.

Peg xx

Terri said...

Few Amish here, but lots of Meninites around here. I wish I had a horse a buggy!!! But you're right, it would only be fun in nice weather.