Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The other day, I stopped in Big Lots and not even looking for one, I found this book. I love this author and was very pleased to come upon this sale. I am about half way through it now.
I am in the process of knitting one of two sweaters for my Zoe. She wears a school unitform now and can only wear certain colors. This is one and I am also going to make her a Navy one. I have the sleeves to do now. I kept thinking this was going to be too big, but maybe not. Mandie says she is now 50 inches tall. Oh nooooooo.
Since the doctors now told me to never let anyone use my right arm for blood pressure, blood tests or shots. I made this braclet to remind me and them to use my other arm. The beads are pink but don't show up very dark. The closure is magnetic.

One of my breakfast group friends, who bought two ponchos from me, showed her sister in law the ones she bought. She wanted three for her Granddaughters. I had one made that she wants. She asked me to make one in pink and grey and one in red, white and blue in size 8 for the other two. She also might want the matching bears. Here I go again, knitting ponchos.
We are thinking of going away for a few days this week. Maybe Canada, our favorite, not sure yet. We will leave tomorrow but I will take my mini laptop with me.


Heidi said...

OHNO.....what about your cute little snowman and kids Button Up sampler??? When will it ever get started??? I may have to come and hide all your knitting Well, AFTER you finish the sweaters for my little Zoe pickle of course. :-)

I have a couple of books by that author that you gave me to read. I have only read Silver Bells so far and really liked it.

Love and hugs ~

Nancy said...

OK Miss Heidi, that is a challenge I cannot refuse. Come on over to hide my knitting needles. LOL.
I'm waitinggggggg.
Love Mom

onlymehere said...

Have a great trip! What a smart idea about the bracelet and it's so cute too! How fun to be doing your ponchos for others again. The little girls are sure to love them. Your little Zoe will love her uniform jacket too. I never could get knitting figured out when I tried to learn. Crocheting hurt my hands too much so I don't do it either but I can admire what others like you can create with these hooks and needles!

Linda said...

Nancy the bracelet you made is pretty and a perfect shots or BP right arm.

I've never read LR, but I think I must looks for books by her...I always like to read authors that others enjoy.

Have a good time and safe travels...hugs, Linda

Amy Marie said...

Love the new turkey background. Have a safe trip! By the way, Lily wore her hat that Shari bought off you to school today. Super cute! I'll take her picture in it today for you.

Carolien said...

Hi Nancy,

You know the first poncho of yours entered the house today. I am so glad I asked Heidi if you could sell them to me as well! When I saw them on your blog I already thought they were very comfortable and nice, but I daren't ask you about it. And then I read they didn't sell (unthinkable, everybody forgot glasses etc.?) on that special day, so ... This first one is great and so surely will be the other one, joohoo!!!!!!!
Thanks again for putting it into a box and sending it to Holland.

Hugs, Carolien
P.S. I wish you some wonderful days in ...?

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Nancy! Love the look of your blog...very festive!!

I know it's been a while since I popped in...doesn't look like you've missed a beat though :)


hazel said...

Hi Nancy, So pleased to read that you are taking a short break for you must really need a change of scenery, have a fun time. I love the braclet and what a good idea.

Keep safe,
Love Hazel (UK)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

What a great idea about the bracelet! Maybe another money making opportunity??? My Mom knits and crochets too. She's been doing baby bonnets for church to send over seas. Have a great mini vacation.


Tam said...

Hi Nancy,
What a great idea with the bracelet and it's so pretty too!
Happy knitting and Happy short trip too!

Brigitte said...

Great that you are back to knitting. The sweaters will be so lovely. And I love the idea of a poncho in grey and pink.
Have a great trip to wherever you go.

Terri said...

Oh how I envy your ability! Not only can you knit up a storm, but you actually finish projects!!! Amazing!

Did you go to Canada?

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I think that very soon you'll never want to see another poncho again.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of your treatments than with a trip. Take Care and Have Fun,