Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today, Heidi received her package with this picture in it so I will post it now. She has it framed already, so she will be showing that I think, on her blog. This is a free design from Gazette 94. You can click on her blog from my friends list. I thank her for sharing her design. The way I took the picture, it looks like a crooked tree, it is straight, I promise.
When looking through the book I bought on Indians, I found this one. How I missed it at first, I don't know. They use it on top of a basket, padded. It looks really nice that way. I put it on big enough cloth to do that if I want to. I still plan to make the lady standing up.
This is how far I got so far. I love doing these Indian blankets. They are fun. Hope you are having fun stitching too. My Daughter in Law, Becky is going to town. She is on her fourth picture now, this time it is Horses.


Heidi said...

I love my JA house and it looks so nice in the frame. Who would have thought that I had the perfect frame for it right at home. It is ready for the new house and so am I! :-) I will take photos after dinner and put the framed piece on my blog.

You are really doing well with your Indian. I like this one too. But I would not like stitching

Tell Becky to send me an email with photos of her stitching! I want to see them all.

Love and hugs ~

Susan in SC said...

You amaze me with your stitching. It would take me forever to do something like that! I love Heidi's picture.

Margaret said...

The house sampler you stitched for Heidi is stunning. No wonder she was so happy she immediately framed it. It will look wonderful in her new home.

Your Indian is great. Must be quite the piece to stitch but well worth the effort I'm sure.

Hi from Heidi's friend who just moved back to Las Vegas in January,

Saskia said...

What a very special mail delivery Heidi got today. It's a lovely finish. I know she will cherish it!
And I like the new Indian cross stitch start.

onlymehere said...

Perfect gift for Heidi! You do such fine work. Some day when I'm not working on the computer so much I'll get back to cross stitching bz I love it so much! I think I told you before but my eyes just get so worn out that I can't do both in one day. Keep on stitchin'!

gazette94 said...

Hello Nancy !
Congratulations on your work on the Austen house, you made a wonderful work that I have just admired on Heidi blog..Merci..

Linda said...

Nancy, your JA finish turned out lovely. I know Heidi is going to treasure this...I saw it on her blog and this is just perfect for her and her new home. Your latest stitch is so pretty I love all the colors in the blanket...happy stitching. hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

What a lovely gift you made for Heidi Nancy :>)
Perfect for starting up in a new home.
I absolutely adore the new Indian you have started to stitch. I love the interesting way the character is facing and, oh my goodness, what gorgeous patterns and colours in that blanket :>)
Angela xx

Carolien said...

Hello dear Nancy,

That Austen house is so lovely, framed and all. I'm sure Heidi will find the best place for it in her new house.
That new Indian design is very, very nice, happy stitching!

Have to tell you that the girls love you very much too, they are having great fun at Farmville and are being spoilt and spoilt. I know a certain clan in America who's responsible for that ;)

When you come over to Holland I will show you all the scissors we have in the house. Scissors to cut your nails, to cut paper, plants ... we have quite a collection. We really do. So that watch dog definitely stays here (me in person) to prevent my embroidery scissors from being molested by cutting paper etc. with it. Yes, I'm a severe mum. Woof! LOL!!!!

I just read about Becky making stitches too? Is she starting a blog, YES???

Take care & hugs,