Friday, July 30, 2010


It is so hard to believe another year has gone by, and it is Hall of Fame time again.
Our city gets very busy this time of year and all the hotel rooms are filled. It seems every year at this time there is road work being done. I think this is the best it has been for many years. This is it, The Pro Football Hall of Fame. I was never in it until they did a Senior day and we got in free. I am not very into football. We pass it everyday. We live very close by.
This is the stadium where the game is played every year and televised everywhere.
My kid's Dad played here when he was in High School. All of the High School games for the city schools are played here. It is a really nice stadium.
These are two of the 2010 inductees. You might recognize them from Dancing With the Stars. Jerry Rice and Emmett Smith.
This morning we saw the first balloon lift off. I forgot my camera. They go again tonight, tomorrow twice and Sunday morning weather permitting. Maybe tonight I will remember my camera. The weather does not sound good for tomorrow.


Heidi said...

Are you going to see the parade???
:-) It always make me think of Uncle Harold riding his motorcycle in it each year with the Shriners.

Have a fun weekend and enjoy watching the balloons. We see them a lot now as they go up from the park here by our house.

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm a medical transcriptionist and keep a separate office in the basement. My father-in-law fell a few days ago and broke his leg right at the point where the ball fits into the hip socket. He had surgery and three pins inserted to fix it. He's 85 and has Parkinson's so he's in ill health anyway. I can't blog and ask for prayers bz my husband's nieces read my blog and the moms don't want them to know yet (they live far away). My MIL doesn't drive so we're driving her to and from so not much time for anything else right now. We're all hoping for a good outcome but the prognosis at this time isn't very favorable. Please pray for him to have his pain eased and to get through this trial. I'd appreciate it.

marylin & poussy said...

Hello I discover your blog which I like, I am in France but I like the USA I show him(it) on my blog! I hope to see still many of your creation as Jane AUSTEN's embroidery which I like
Best regards of marylin France

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

What an enormous 'thing', this Hall of Fame. I'm not into football either. No need to since I'm farming, that's enough exercise ;)

Hugs, Carolien

angelasweby said...

Nancy hi,
It sounds as if you are having such a lovely time. I can almost feel the excitement of the balloon going up.
I can't wait to hear more about it :>)
Hugs Angela xx

Susan in SC said...

I love to see balloons lift off. This football business is BIG business.

Linda said...

The weekend must be fun filled lots of things happening. I'd love to see the ballons...especially up close. I hope you get some great pictures...hugs, Linda