Monday, July 5, 2010


We are at Lock 7, one of our favorite places. The tall ships left Toronto today on the way to Cleveland, Ohio.

In the past, we have gone to Cleveland to see the tall ships, but this view from the balcony really cannot be beat.
This one is just entering the lock.
It was 90 degrees today, but we just went on the balcony when they were up and ready to exit the lock. This one was flying the Dutch flag.
The one looked oriental, but it was the Pride of Baltimore.
The lock is now back to normal and even as I write this, there is a commercial in the lock waiting to be raised. Thanks George for taking the pictures.
Thanks for finding what I wanted for my new header Heidi. I was looking for Anna Maria from Tom Kitten, never saw this one before.


Heidi said...

These are really fabulous photos of the tall ships! You have the perfect view from your balcony.

You are very welcome! I love it when I find just the right things for your blog.

Love and hugs,

Susan in SC said...

I love the tall ships! It reminds me of a romantic time in our history with pirates! Of course, I would not want to be a pirate on one at all. The pictures are wonderful! Enjoy your trip!

hazel said...

Love your photos Nancy they bring back memories of when I took my grand son to Weymouth, Dorset to see the Tall Ships race, they were beautiful.

Hazel (UK)

Sweetie said...

What a beautiful view from your balcony. The tall ships are awesome! What a great spot for a getaway!

angelasweby said...

Lovely photos Nancy. They promise of faraway places and exciting adventures. Tall ships always look so elegant.

Ooh, Hazel's comments about Weymouth take me back to my college days there when we would walk down to the harbour and have a drink at the Ship Inn. They had an amazing range of homemade wines and, as young students, we were determined to try them all....haha, happy memories :>)

Sonja said...

What a beautiful balcony, if it gives you this view! Lock 7 is a place I remember you visited last year?
Can these ships sail in Cleveland?