Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not a Creature Was Stirring---Well Maybe They Were

Many years ago, a very special girl named Fawn, made this family of mice for me. They live in the bottom of my clock right now. I thought they should be allowed out for Christmas. She went into such detail on each little one, they are only about 3 inches high.

These two are going carrolling. Listen closly, and maybe you can hear them sing. I think they might sound a little like the chipmunks. Are they singing "A Little Toy Village?' I bet they are. It was Fawn's song after all.

You can't have Christmas without Santa and Mrs. Claus now can you?

These two look very impressive. They must be going out on the town. They probably like to visit the Amish Cheese factories.

This cross stitch is Heidi's of course. I remember her saying Mom, this is not an easy design. I bet it would be now. She made this many years ago. I hope you enjoy my mouse family.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Miss Nancy! These are just fabulous!!!! Each one has their own personality! Too cute! And yes, that mouse that Heidi made would be gravy to her now. She is amazing like you!

Thanks for visiting me today and leaving your sweet comment. BHG? You are too, too kind!!!


Nunnie's Attic said...

How cute are those little guys (and girls)? They're about the only mice I can handle. That cross stitch is beautiful!


Christine said...

OH Nancy...I LOVE THEM!! You had better lock your door at night as I'm tempted to sneak in and take them! Of course I'd leave a snowman for every mouse I took :-)

Heidi did a nice job on the cross stitched mouse. It's fun to look back on our early projects and remember the tears and frustrations and laugh at how easy they are now that we have experience.

Lilysmom said...

Too Cute Aunt Nancy! Fawn would love that you still put them out on display!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Makes me think of Hickory Dickory Dock...knowing they live in a clock!! They are so so cute!! How blessed you are to receive these from a friend!!

Nancy said...

Hi Nancy! I love your mouse family. Fawn must have really enjoyed making these for you with all the detail and loving touches. They are just adorable! Mrs. Mouse must have been busy taking care of everyone.

The cross stitch Heidi did is so pretty, but then everything she makes is. You are right - it would probably be very easy for her to stitch now. Enjoy!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I've got to read blogs every day. I feel as though I'm missing out on lots of things, especially on your blog. That is a gorgeous cross stitch piece that Heidi did.

Those are cute mice. I'm sure that they are enjoying their freedom this holiday season.

Mandie said...

Oh Gramma I remember these!!!! :o) Wow...brings back memories! Mom did a great job on's nice to see so many of the things she hand made still floating around. I really do miss her! Thanks for sharing these and taking me on a trip down memory lane! Love you!


angelasweby said...

Oh my goodness, Nancy,
I have fallen in love with your little mice. They are so lovely and cuddly. What a lot of care and love Fawn put into making these. They all have such individual characters. They make a really lovely Christmas scene. And of course, Heidi's pretty cross stitch mouse shows how much skill she had, even from an early age :>)
Warm hugs, Angela

Kristen said...

Ohhhh, I remember these! I just love them and they bring back wonderful memories! How cute they are!! :) I love the cross stitch as well and remember it as well as many of Heidi's projects hanging throughout your home. They are all very heartwarming!!!

Mary said...

Well I'd rather have these delightful mousies in my house than the real ones who visited last year! First time in the 20+ years here that we had mice running around - not fun, eeech!!!

Your Fawn did an awesome job with the details and I know you must treasure them Nancy.

Missing Heidi - hope she's having fun and will be back soon!

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

I lovelovelove your mice! It's good they are far away, otherwise I would be peeking through your window all the time!

Happy holidays,

Carolien, Amersfoort

Heidi said...

Now mother, I am glad I get to see my mice from across the water since I gave you mine to keep way back when I left for the convent. :) Do you know I sat and stitched that mouse way back when we lived in Brussels. My but that seems ages ago. I have been thinking about making some mice to keep in my hutch for a Beatrix Potter kind of thing. Remember them all in the teacups in the Tailor of Gloucester?

Love and hugs ~

Teresa said...

These mice are the cutest!! I love the cross stitch! :)

Warmest holiday wishes!

Solstitches said...

Oh my! First it was the snowmen and now it is the mice :)
What wonderful collections you have Nancy.
This one must be the most special collection of all because it was made for you by Fawn.
Talent obviously runs in the family as the little mice are so beautifully made.
Heidi's cross stitch is sweet also.


Joni said...

These mice are just adorable! I can see why Heidi has suddenly remembered she must have made them. So great needleworkers are a family tradition for y'all.