Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trees Around the World

First of all, a very important tree from Holland. It just happens to be in the livingroom of Miss Pickles the elf (aka Heidi).
This is the Christmas Tree in our Nations Capital, Washington DC. It is decorated with 3000 ornaments made by school children of USA.

In Trafalgar Square, London, this tree is a gift from the people of Norway. Since 1947 they give London a tree.

If you have good eyes, you might be able to read that this tree in in Karwendel Mountains of Germany. The Chapel is a thing of beauty in itself.

This tree is in Prague, in their Old Town Square.


Lilysmom said...

The capitol tree is so pretty isn't it? I love driving around at night and looking at all the lights. Did you see the Hoover Tree this week. Very pretty too!

Mary said...

Beautiful trees Nancy and that chapel is so picturesque. My 'tree post' coming up soon - no where near as lovely as Heidi's beauty!

Wow! you are really getting socked aren't you - please send some snow this way as we need it for moisture - we are literally running out of water and I may be knocking at your door come Jan. to use your shower - not kidding!!! So pretty though when fresh and clean - like you I don't care to drive in it.

Oh, my friend drove a bit farther than me for the lunch yesterday - she lives in Charlotte. She moved there from NJ and wanted to visit Replacements Ltd. so we decided to do it while our hubbies were in Fla. together on business! Too far really I know but one will do these crazy things for friends, right?

Stay warm and snug this weekend. Hugs - Mary.

Mandie said...

I loved that email Gramma! The trees are all so pretty! :o) Thank you for sharing! Love you


Heidi said...

This was such a neat idea! And then to put my tree with them ~ blush. :) I was to go see that little chapel in Germany. Humm...might have to look up exactly where it is at.

Did you get more snow? I bet it is time to make some snowpeople outside the house.

Love and hugs ~

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing these trees Nancy! Doesn't Heidi do a beautiful decorating job? When we lived in Northern Virginia I used to love to go to DC every year to see the National tree. Happy Holidays!

angelasweby said...

Oh nancy,
What a great tour of beautiful trees around the world. I love the chapel in Germany and the tree in the Capitol is really spectacular. Mind you, i have to say, the elf's is the best :>)
Hugs, Angela

Rhondi said...

Thanks for taking us on a world tour of Christmas trees. It's fun to see trees in other places. They're all beautiful.

Kristen said...

Beautiful, all! I have to agree with Amy. Driving around and seeing the lights is so much fun! :)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I loved seeing while a Christmas tree is pretty standard around the world, we all have our own take on how to decorate it. Gorgeous trees the lot of them.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

This was a fun one stop Christmas tree viewing trip! Heidi's is gorgeous. I need to hop over to pay my friend in Holland a visit. Oh Jeeves...can you fetch my jet, PLEASE!!! "No Jeeves, it is not too late...we will be there in time for tea and a treat!" haha.

take care my friend,

Christine said...

Beautiful trees. Thanks for blogging them Nancy such a treat for the eyes. I like Heidi's best of all. It's right out of the pages of a magazine. You sure raised a talented and creative daughter not to mention a wonderful person.

Solstitches said...

It's a magical time of year and all of the tress look so pretty.
Thanks for the wonderful picture show.