Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friendly Site Award

Yesterday, I received the Friendly Site Award from my Grandaughter Kristen (ChristianCrafter). I am so blessed to have my wonderful family. My Grandaughters lost their Mom, Fawn, at such a young age, I try to be Mom and Gramma to them now.They are both beautiful girls and have great families.
I would like to pass this award on to Mary, (Across the Pond). I always called her the front porch lady. I love her porch. She is a really a friendly lady. She even invited Kristy, Mandie and I for tea. She of course also invited Heidi, but I told her nothing is going to get Heidi back on a plane to the USA. Thanks Mary.


Mandie said...

Congrats Gramma! You are right, you've been like mom to us as well as a gramma andwe love you for it! you are a very special part of our lives! Love you, Mandie

Oh and Zoe hasn't gotten a grade yet but she said that her teachers loved it!

Mary said...

What a lovely surprise Nancy - I appreciate this award so much. It's been such a fun and interesting journey meeting so many people this year - especially your family - who enjoy similar interests and share the little details of their lives. Sometimes, perhaps on one of those days when we need a little encouragement and reinforcement, just coming to one's blog and seeing a friendly word, means so much.

I'm now thinking whom to pass the award along to - so many worthy women out there who share friendship via their great blogs.

Again, thank you. I've linked you today so be prepared for more visitors to see your snow family.
Your door bell may ring all day!!

Deborah said...

You chose a most wonderful lady to receive your award! I shopped and had lunch with her and she is a very caring person!

Kimmie said...

Though I don't know you I am sending you a big hug...what a blessing you are to your granddaughters! Got to love a woman who is a giver...many blessings to you!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Kristen said...

You deserve it Gramma! You are such a special person to us! We know that you wear many hats and just want you to know that we appreciate all you do! Loveyou! Kristy