Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little Toy Village

That title is a song Fawn, my daughter, learned to sing in grade school. I can still hear her singing it. My favorite part of our Christmas Tree was a village and I waited until the sheet went under the tree so I could put it there, when I was very small.

Another fond memory for me was once a year, Ringling Brothers Circus came to town. I never cared about going to the circus, my big excitement was waiting for the Circus train to come. It had a special horn and at 5 AM it arrive at a crossing about 5 blocks from our house. My Dad always took me to watch the train unload. It was so wonderful to see all the animals and the beautiful cages all painted they were then moved in. This is a picture of my special Circus train.
Kristy's husband, a very special Grandson to me, heard my story when Kristy and I made a scrapbook of my life for Heidi and then also Kristy. He bought me this special train. I used to go on the Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger train to my Aunt's. We rode the train from Canton to Pittsburgh. He also bought me that train, also in the picture. I had the freight train. I bought him an N gage railroad set and boy did I ever create a monster. He went crazy and who knows how many he has now. My husband has HO but I liked the N better. I have one in with my
Lilliput houses in a glass top coffee table. The large tree was painted by Bill when he was 14. It was a school project and I treasure it also.

The village and all the people I painted myself. I have painted several villages now. This was the first one I ever painted. Heidi has one and will be showing hers on her blog I am sure. Hope you enjoy seeing my Little Toy Village, underneath the tree. Sweetest little town you will ever see. There's a Little Toy Village underneath the tree and it comes to life on Christmas.
I wish I could remember the entire song.


Mandie said...

Awe! I just LOVE your village! I'm so mad that I can't find mine! Too many moves in too short a time period. :o( But at least I get to enjoy yours right along with you! Love you!!!


Nancy said...

How fun that you enjoy this so much! It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house! Are you sure you don't live at the North Pole?

Heidi said...

You know Mom, I have been searching for this song on the playlist but no luck. Here I have the title wrong. I will look again. Maybe I will get lucky. I wanted it too because it brings back lots of memories of Fawn!!!

Now your tree is complete with your village. And yes I will be showing mine. I bought loose snow this year and got rid of those pesty snow blankets. I hope it does not get too messy.

Love and hugs ~

Mary said...

This is lovely Nancy!
When you have time, do go back to my post of today where I've responded to you, Kristen and Heidi!

Kristen said...

How nice it looks! :) The train you gave Mitch is under the tree here. Yours look great and there is a story behind all of it! That is the best part! :) OHHHH so cuteeeeeee!!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

What a beautiful story and memory. My little brother bought a train set a couple of years ago. He "says" that it's for his daughter...but we all know who it's really for.

Solstitches said...

I enjoyed the music, the pictures of your painted village and most of all the memories of your childhood with your dad when you went to wait for the train to arrive.


angelasweby said...

Wow Nancy, what a magical scene.
I love the toy village and train sets. I am not surprised you can't wait to set it all up year after year. What wonderful memories it all holds. I love the circus train and can just see you toddling down with your dad to watch the wonderful sights as the circus unloaded.
You are so creative and your efforts, and those of your family, have made something very very special :>)
Thanks for sharing it.
Love Angela