Thursday, November 29, 2007

Night and Day

I put the tree up yesterday, but didn't get the village set up yet. This is the night view.

Here it is in daylight. As you can see, my tree is all snowmen. (Heidi's Idea)

This tree skirt is made by Heidi, and I embroidered Marshmallow World around it. My friend Patty painted the picture on the left, and Heidi cross stitched the other two. I usually hang them each year in the bathroom. I just redid the bathroom in red and white, so I don't know if I will hang them. For now they are on display in front of me TV cabinet.


Heidi said...

Very cute mother! I am sure you are glad now that it is up and finished. I have not even started on my tree yet. But I am busy enough with all the other decorating. I guess you don't need any more snowpeople???

Love and hugs ~

Mandie said...

YAY the snowman tree is up! :o) I love that tree! So does Zoe. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Love you, Mandie

Kristen said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYY the tree is up!!! So neato!!! One question, where is the furniture that used to be there????? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi's mom
Don't worry, I'm still alive! Every day I look at your and Heidi's blog but am a little afraid to make mistakes in the English language. And sometimes too lazy to give a comment. Shame on me. I love your snowfamily and wonder if you want to adopt a dwarf snowman from Holland!
Hugs, Elly

Lilysmom said...

The tree looks great Aunt Nancy. it's so fun to see everyone's tree pictures....remember in old days...when we used to actually visit everyone to see their trees? HAHA!

Nunnie's Attic said...

My mother painted me a snowman on a "window" for me. I actually hang it in my entry window all year long. I love your tree, Nancy. So pretty!


Mary said...

Love the tree with even more snowmen - do you have those blow up ones in the front yard by chance!

Heidi's tree skirt is fabulous.