Saturday, November 24, 2007

On the Road Again

This morning after a way too long, with terrible service, breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, my Grandaughter's and their families went North and South to head home.
Kristy and her family are on the road now heading for New York. Hope the traffic is not this bad.
Going South is Mandie and her family.

They are going to North Carolina and Ft Bragg Army Post.
Monday, Jason, Mandie's husband is being deployed for ten months. We wish him a safe time away from home.

I can happily say I just spoke to both of the girls and one is minutes from home, and the other 20 minutes away. They are safe and had good trips.


Amanda said...

We are home safely! :o) Love you Gramma! Thanks for a great Thanksgiving! We'll miss you!

Mandie, Jason & Zoe

Heidi said...

Good to hear they are all home safe and sound. I know you had a great time seeing them all together like that! Talk to you soon as it is almost our date time on Skype!

Love and hugs ~

Nancy said...

I'm glad to hear your granddaughters made it home safe and sound. I will be sure to keep special thoughts for your grandson.

Lilysmom said...

Mandie & Kristy, it was great to see you and your families! I'm so glad that we keep in touch! Mandie, I'll be in touch this week to check in on you after Jason leaves!

Kristen said...

We are home! :) Thanks for a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was a ton of fun and I miss you so much already!

Angela said...

It's always such a relief when everyone is back home safe and sound. It's amazing how the events we look forward to with such sweet anticipation are here and gone in an instant. Never mind, with Christmas not too far away the chance to meet again isn't too far away :>)
What a shame about Cracker Barrel. I have such fond memories of eating there when we holidayed in Michigan in 1996. In fact, Sally and I stopped to eat in one last year, on our way back to her home in Saginaw from Hershey. I love the food and all Christmas gifts too! I bought lots..haha!
Hugs, Angela