Thursday, November 1, 2007

One of my Favorite Singers

Robert Goulet is one of my favorite singers, and to tell you how my kids remember things,
Eric, my long distances truck driver, was talking to his friend on his cell phone while in
Washington State. He was listening to the radio and an announcement came on saying Robert
Goulet had died....... He told his friend "I have to hang up and call my Mom". He did, and I
said "no way, I love him".

Heidi was talking about it and remembered going into K Mart and her and Eric singing,
out loud of course, Lonely is a Man Without Love. A lady came up to them and ask "how do you know that song at your age?" Eric said to her, "My Mom sews". That said it all to them but not to her. Needless to say, they always heard all my old crooners while I was sewing or anything else I did around the house.


Kristen said...

OH how funny! Even I know the crooners from you! I would love to see Eric and Heidi singing the same song together today walking through a store! HA! :)

Heidi said...

It is sad to know he is gone just because he made up a part of our childhood. You playing his records and Eric doing his Robert Goulet impressions.

Love and hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Your favourite singer will never be forgotten whilst there are wonderful family memories like these to bring to mind. I have to say, many of my favourite crooners are from a diffferent generation. Songs seemed to have meaning then and tuneful harmony...oh dear, I do feel old...haha!
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, thank you for visiting my blog and stopping to say hello. I am looking forward to coming back and visiting again.


PS Your sweet granddaughter is one of my favourite bloggers. I think she is incredibly talented.

Mary said...

Yes, Robert Goulet brings back memories of the time when one could understand the words and learn the songs!

Heidi singing in the store - wow, your sweet daughter is just full of surprises - such talent!!

Come by my porch any time Nancy - there will always be a chair and a cuppa waiting for you to enjoy!

Nancy said...

I was so sad to hear this too. His voice was amazing.