Monday, March 3, 2008


SHE GUESSED IT, she looked at this for less than a minute and she guessed what I was stitching. I cannot believe it. It is mean't to represent her when she was my little little girl, knocking at the door pretending to be Red Riding Hood, or Claire and other little characters.
It will be a small pillow or framed, her choice when it is finished.

Ok Heidi, I am getting totally brave now and making this for you. If you can guess what it is, I will let you see the picture, but if not, you have to wait till I bring it in April.

I have on previous blog entries, shown you items I received as gifts from Jacomina in Holland.

She is a very nice lady in Heidi's quilt group. Her husband, her daughter and she does dances in full costume. They wore there costumes to Heidi's so we could see them. They are wonderful people.

This is the inside of the pretty quilted sewing kit she made for me and gave me one of the times I visited Heidi. I really treasure all the gifts I receive from these ladies.


Heidi said...

Well, I think it is Little Red Riding Hood? Am I right? You can show my anyway. :)

I remember when Jacomina gave you this pretty sewing kit which she made in Dutch blue for you. She is a very talented and nice lady!

Love and hugs ~

spring said...

Hi,nice to see you.
I enjoyed your pages. I like cross-stitche,too.
Soon I will update my cross-stitche.Please come to my page too.:)

tkdchick said...

Your new start is going to be just adorable!

angelasweby said...

Oh Nancy
What a pretty sewing case from Jacomina. I love sewing cases and this one is really unusual. Such a lovely gift but, I have to say, the little Letters to Santa pattern is gorgeous. Can I ask you who he designer is? I would really love to try to get this to stitch. I have never seen it before :>)
I'm having a great holiday. I'm thinking of you all and missing you.
Hugs, Angela

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

How cute is that cross stitch. The more pictures you show that more I want to get into it.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Nancy, love the little sewing kit, just too darling.

You are really going to town with this x-stitching aren't you??

What an adorable picture - do we know what is in the little box.


Kristen said...

Ok, I immediately thought of my dear Aunt Heidi when I saw that picture. You all tell the stories so often it feels as though I was there! :)

That sewing kit is absolutely wonderful! How wonderful and you are oh so lucky to have recieved it! :)

Love you! Kristy

Solstitches said...

Wow! That is such a pretty sewing case Nancy. It is very unusual in the design.
Love your new cross stitch design for Heidi. I will expect to see this finished by the weekend maybe :)
I hope Spring arrives soon for you


Beatrice said...

That is adorable. Little Red riding Hood. So cute. Nice start!

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

I like your new project! And the sewing kit is lovely too.
Have a nice day!
Greetings, Carolien

Regina said...

Hello Nancy
What a nice gift from Jacomina.
Your new project is wonderful.
Have a nice weekend