Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Bill was here yesterday knitting on the red sweater he is making for me. He is doing a pattern he has never done before. It is really going to be pretty. There is even cable in the ribbing.
Kristy, he was wearing the sweater I made for him that you like.

I finally finished knitting the back and front of Eric's sweater. I am now starting a sleeve. If I would stop cross stitching, I could get it done.

As if I am not doing enough projects, I started this yesterday. Kristy told me Haali is doing volunteer work at Ft Drum and saw baby afghans in a chest. She asked what they were for, and found out the give them to soldiers families who are under a certain rank. Kristy said their unit gets credit for volunteer hours, and family can also help. I had some baby yarn, so off I go. I will knit the next one, I like to knit better.


Heidi said...

Well Bull, if your hair goes white to match that beard, you will need that red sweater cause you can play Santa Claus! LOL! The sweater you have on looks like it keeps you very warm.

Your baby blanket looks really Easter~y. Okay, I know that is not a word but you get what I mean. It is so cheerful. How big will it be? It will be done up in no time I am sure.

Love and hugs ~

Kristen said...

Ohhh Bully! You are just a knitting mad man! :) Ummmm, your beard needs a pony! :) tee heee!!! It looks great!

Gramma, you are just project everything! That is great! Thank you so much for doing that! We appreciate it and you will know that some military child will have a homemade afghan thanks to your efforts!

Linda said...

Your knitting projects are great. The baby blanket is going to be lovely, I really like the pattern and what a great cause. I like to knit too, but I'm very rusty. Linda

Nancy said...

I can't wait to see the red sweater Bill makes for you. The sweater you are making looks like it will be a pretty one.

The baby blanket looks so soft and delicate, and by the looks of it you would never know you like knitting better! It's beautiful!

Carolien said...

It's sad André '(my DH) doesn't knit ... LOL
But serious: you are making some fine things in Ohio!

HAve a nice day & greetings, Carolien

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy, want to tell you something: when you are in Holland I will be visiting the USA for the first time in my life!!!Mike and I are planning a trip to NY! So I will also experience my first jetlag...bye bye Sonja

Lilysmom said...

Bill is so crafty! He puts the rest of the male race to shame!

Carolien said...

Thank you so much for writing me about the ounces, but even more for mentioning that Mandie has a new entry. It is a heartbreaking story. We will think of them!

Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Carolien