Saturday, March 1, 2008


I gave up on Cross Stitching today to knit this little preemie sweater for a new little boy in our family named Charlie. His mommy , my great niece, has been posting pictures of him on her blog since his birth .
He finally got to come home last week and he has a very cute little sister, named Lily, who has been waiting for him. Charlie was not even due until March and has been here a couple months.
If you would like to see his picture, you can go to my list of blogs I visit and click on Amy Wahl.
We have been following along everyday with his progress. Welcome Home little man.
I will get the sweater to you soon.

Love to you, Aunt Nancy


BittersweetPunkin said...

Beautiful sweater!! I will have to hop over and take a look at the lil munchkin!

Carolien said...

Nice sweater, Nancy!

Greetings, Carolien

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Nancy the sweater is so cute, I will pop over to see this newest addition to your family.

You definitely are a quick stitch. I cannot believe you have stitched and finished three pieces already!!

You are amazing!


Nancy said...

What a beautiful little sweater! I love the personalization of the C Nancy. I'm sure it will be the perfect thing to welcome home Charlie.

Mandie said...

Oh gramma! What a nice sweater! I'm sure Amy will appreciate it very much & so will Charlie. It will keep him nice and warm! :o) I might not be on for awhile, but I did post a new entry just now. I have to finish packing & get some other things finished before my friend comes to pick me up. Love you!!!


Lilysmom said...

Adorable! I love it! And you are too thoughtful! Charlie will look great in it! You are welcome to visit anytime! We are keping the little man inside at home these days to avoid RSV season & to avoid all the germs!

Kristen said...

Awwwwww, I love it! Very nice gramma! I am very anxious to see that sweet little boy!!!

Solstitches said...

Nancy, the little sweater you knit is adorable.
I'm sure Charlie and his mommy will love it.

diane said...

I adore this color and it is so cute and little! Hope the little guy is going to be just fine, he sure will be looking good in this.

prape said...

Hi Aunt Nancy,
That little sweater is soooo adorable! It reminds me of the cute things you made for my kids when they were babies! They were some of my favorites! Of course I still have them - they are in my cedar chest!
ps: Mom said she should have stayed in FL in the warm weather!
Sounds like you guys had fun!

barbi said...

That is so precious Aunt Nancy, he will look so cute in it!! Do you really mean to tell me you sat down and did this in one day?? Like my sister, I kept all my Aunt Nancy things you knitted for my kids also!! That's what we call them, "Aunt Nancy sweaters"!!

Love, Barbi

Mama said...

Charlie will love his Aunt Nancy sweater. That is very nice of you.

Anonymous said...