Friday, February 29, 2008


I just finished the little boy fishing, so I hung them in my bathroom that I did all in red and white. I know Heidi, I am not supposed to put them under glass, but since they are in the bathroom, I did it anyway.
Ok Heidi, I had to put this on for you to see before you leave for Applesauce. LOL. I would have had it done but I had to take the face out because I used the wrong color. I am my own worst enemy. I bought frames yesterday at Marc's so I could frame these all alike to hang in the bathroom. I want to make one more little girl on the other fabric, then I will go back to my sheep.


Heidi said...

Too cute! Do you have the next girl picked out? You will probably have her done when I get back from Cranbery Cottage. :) I would now say you are officially addicted to stitching. The bug has bitten!

Have a great weekend and talk to you on Sunday (or from the cottage)!

Love and hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy, You are such a busy stitching-girl!! how do you manage it so soon? And I am really supprised that you received the xmas card so late!! It was ment to be at your place before xmas 2007, not 2008! But such a little snowman can make you smile even though it is almost easter... greatings Sonja.

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

These children in your bathroom look SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely! I especially like the girl with the hat on her back, I like the movement so much. I am awfully jealous! LOL (Heidi knows what a disastrous bathroom we have ...;))
It must be a joy to take a shower at your place now, that's for sure!
Well done. Have a great weekend & greetings, Carolien

Nancy said...

These are very sweet, and I'm so glad you are enjoying your stitching Nancy. I use glass on all of my framed stitching. I can't bear the thought of all those miniscule particles of dirt and grime that are in the air attacking my needlework! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy, Save back home from Florida and busy as always? Your stitched children are so cute! Today I finished the first border of the quilt we do this year with Heidi. It was a lot of work because I made mistakes every time! But it is finished now and you maybe will see it on Heidi's Blog next week.
Succes with your sheep and have a nice Sunday.
Bye, Elly

tkdchick said...

They look great!

Mary said...

They look fabulous - great job!