Tuesday, February 5, 2008


After going through the entire book I showed on my last entry, I decided on this picture to be my first cross stitch. I hear Heidi talking in my ear as I am doing it. Yes, I made a loop on the back so I do not have a knot. I have no doubt, the back will not look like yours and George's when I am finished. He listens to you better than I do.
I started in the center, just like you told me to, and this is the little girls sleeve. George and I were childhood friends, so I thought this was a cute first project. I want the next one to be Henry the VII and his wives. Thanks to Angela, I will have it to try. I truly love England.


Heidi said...

Ah! This one is so cute! And you are doing a great job. Are you enjoying it? You can always use a magnifying glass if you need to. I use strong reading glasses over my regular glasses and it works a dream as you know. I am so proud of you for trying this! I can't wait to see it done.

Love and hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Oh Yea.

Solstitches said...

Oh Nancy, the excitement of your first ever cross stitch project!!!
I am so looking forward to you sharing your first ever cross stitch finish.
There'll be no stopping you now but don't neglect those knitting needles because you turn out such lovely things.


Christine said...

Awesome Nancy, your taking the x-stitch plunge! Good for you. Very nice choice for your first project. Your so talented that I know it will turn out just beautiful. Happy cross stitching!!

P.S. My mice may not be safe from Heidi. There are ships and rental cars :-)

Nancy said...

Ok George, I see your crazy A-nonomus comment.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy, what a nice choice you made!! So sweet to think that George and you were school-friends. And with Heidi checking on your work, I am sure you will succeed. Happy stitching days! Sonja.

Nancy said...

How fun to be trying a new type of needlework! I love the meaning behind why you chose this design, and I hope you enjoy cross stitch as much as I do! It is so rewarding and relaxing. I will look forward to your progress photos!

Carolien said...

Hurray, Nancy! How nice you have started with these stitches. The pattern you chose is soo cute!
I wish you will have a lot of fun stitching it.

Greetings, Carolien

Angela said...

What a brilliant choice for your first cross stitch. I love these designs and have a few myself. They often feature in UK cross stitch magazines too. Faye Whittaker is quite a famous designer and still has a booth on the pier at Brighton. We used to visit Brighton as children - long before her time, I hasten to add..haha!
Warm hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy. It's a lovely choice. We call it: touwtje springen! Enjoy the stitching and do it the way you like best. My youngest daughter Karin finished an embroidery which I started many years ago. Now she is asking a new one for her anniversary. Maybe in a few years she makes a quilt! So mother, so daughter.
Hugs and groetjes, Elly

Beatrice said...

Good for you. The first cross stitch is pretty exciting. I remember mine like it was just yesterday.
It was only less then 4 years ago.
You will be hooked.