Monday, February 11, 2008


A "FEW" years ago, in Canton, Ohio, a special little girl was born. She was named Heidi Lynn.
When she was only one week old, we moved to Maryland. (The Air Force doesn't wait). This is Little Miss Heidi on her birthday.

When it was birthday time, Heidi had to start running around the house, and fell into the corner of a coffee table. Yes, she has a black eye.

This was a party year, so she had to have more than one cake. This was taken in Texas. One of the pictures would not download, sorry. Happy Birthday Miss Heidi. I love you.

Also having a birthday on the 12th is one of our two very special soldiers, Jason. He is a new addition to our family and we love him already. Jason in stationed in Quatar right now. We want you to stay safe Jason and come home to Mandie and Zoe and the rest of the family too.
Happy Birthday.


Solstitches said...

A double birthday celebration in your family today Nancy!
Thanks for sharing your memories of Heidi as a little girl. She's cute!
Best wishes to Heidi and Jason as they celebrate their special day.


Nancy said...

Aren't you a lucky Mom to have Heidi for your daughter? I hope she has the Happiest of Birthdays. (She was a cutie patootie!)

A very Happy Birthday to Jason too! He and Mandie are a very nice looking couple. Stay safe Jason!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Love the pictures Nancy. Your cakes are lovely as well.

Happy day to Jason too!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for both birthday's but especial on Heidi's one. I already told her I baked also doll-cakes for my daughters.
Have a nice day.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Nancy ~ Wishing Heidi and Jason a Happy Birthday!!! Tell Jason to be safe over there ~ at least it isn't smoking hot just yet!!! Thank you for serving our Country, Jason!!

Blessings to all,

hazel said...

Oh Nancy what beautiful photos of Heidi when she was a little bit younger. Happy Birthday wishes to Heidi and Jason, what a lovely looking couple they are. Warm hugs, Hazel

Anonymous said...
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Beatrice said...

Happy Birthday to both.
I love the photos.

It looks like stitching my take hold on you! Your piece is looking beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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Kristen said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to both aunt Heidi and Jason! LOVE YOU!!!!

Angela said...

What lovely photos. Heidi looks absolutely gorgeous. She looks so happy even with a black eye..haha!

Happy birthday to Jason too. It's always lovely sharing a birthday with someone else in the family. I share both my birthday and my name with my grandmother, Angeliki :>)
Warm hugs, Angela