Thursday, February 28, 2008


When I came home from Florida, this very cute card was waiting for my from Sonja. Sonja lives in Holland and is Heidi's lacemaking friend. She is so kind to stitch this very cute snowman for me. I will treasure it and it goes into my collection.

I started stitching a fat little sheep in Florida. When I got home, I decided to do another little boy because the one I did was on 14 count and whiter than the other ones I did. I will still hang it in the bathroom, but seperate from the others. This one will be on the same fabric as the other two. I just love these kids. This is my new project now.


Heidi said...

Good thing I just sat aside some aida cloth for you. I don't use it anymore and thought you could my stitchin' mama! :) You just keep on going. Now you are starting another one! You will have that entire book stitched at this rate. That is okay cause I have lots you can do for meeeeeeee.........

Sonja's card and one I sent to a friend in the US both got lost in the mail somehow. They should have been there ages ago as they were mailed on time for the holidays.

Love and hugs ~

Regina said...

Hello Nancy
What a wonderful card from Sonja.
The snowmann is so adorable,I like
it to much.
What is your next project?

Have a nice day,

Nancy said...

Very cute and thoughtful snowman card!

I can't wait to see your fishing boy stitched! Have fun!